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We have taken the liberty to hide most of the “common” content about emblems.

The most important conversation about emblems is about selection of class talents for your heroes. Click here to jump directly to “Attack or Defence – Class talent selection

What are Empires and Puzzles Emblems

Emblems are farmable loots that are required in order to purchase a talent from the Talent Grid. Each Talent gives a bonus stats or special ability to that hero.

You need Emblems for the specific hero class that you are “talenting”. There are a total of 10 Hero Class, each with their own emblems.

How to use Emblems for Class Talents

To Talent a hero, you need to access the talent grid.

To do so, click ‘Talent Grid’ on the bottom of the Hero once it has reached its maximum Special SkillAscension tier and level.

If you need to reset a Heroes Talent Grid, there is a reset button. You can use a Reset Emblem or gems to reset a Talent Grid. Reset Emblems can be used for a reset with no gem cost or Emblem penalties. You will not get your food and iron back.

Emblems required

to max out the talent grid for a specific hero class.

1* Hero2* Hero 3* Hero 4* Hero 5* Hero

About Hero Class Talents / Emblems

When selecting talents, the center nodes are required, but at each junction you must make a choice of either right or left, and follow that path until you reach the next junction.

Each class has a different Talent Grid, along with a unique talent that acts as a passive bonus during battle.  To see each class’ full talent grid and emblem costs click on the class of interest in the table below.

Hero Classes

BarbarianWound6% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack.  The effect deals 60% of the damage done and lasts for 5 turns.  This effect stacks.
ClericManashield7% chance to resist any negative mana effects or effects that prevent the use of special skills.
DruidCompanion3% chance to summon a Thorn Minion after receiving any damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
FighterRevive6% chance to revive with 1HP after a fatal attack.  The revive is applied at the end of the turn.
MonkResist6% chance to resist status ailments.
PaladinProtect3% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving any damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
RangerPierce5% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking.  This includes counter attacks.
RogueEvade4% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive special skills.
SorcererDelay3% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns after dealing any normal damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
WizardJinx5% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have.  The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and special skills.

An excellent infographic available in Rilf’s Class & Talent Guide, as well as a great talent calculator available that was put together by Kamikaze Assassin.

Farming for Emblems

Emblems can be received as loot from Wanted Missions, Titans & Titan Chests, Alliances Wars, Challenge Events, VIP Pass, Raid Tournament Rewards and Path of Valor.

The biggest emblem loots come from Challenge Events & Class Emblem Quest.

So do complete your challenge events – if you have difficulty doing so, do read our guides on completing challenge events with whatever hero you have.

Complete every class emblem quest that comes up twice a week.

Class Emblem Quest

Available twice a week, Class Quests are the primary means to acquire Class Emblems .  They have three different difficulties available.

Difficulty Recommended Team Power Player Level Req
Easy 2500 15
Medium 3500 20
Hard 4000 30

The occurrence of class quests are in this order:
Strength → Fortitude → Mysticism → Serenity → Survival → Piety
→ Decimation → Nature → Shadow → Justice → Strength

Strength → Barbarian & Fighter
Fortitude → Cleric & Druid
Mysticism → Wizard & Sorcerer
Serenity → Ranger & Paladin
Survival → Barbarian & Rogue
Piety → Monk & Cleric
Decimation → Fighter & Wizard
Nature → Druid & Ranger
Shadow → Rogue & Sorcerer
Justice → Paladin & Monk

Class Talents – Attack or Defense?

It is always a tough question whether to focus on Attack of Defense stats for your hero. The best question to ask is “What role do I want my hero to fulfil?”

Do I want durability so that my heroes can fire their special skills more often? Or do I want attack stat such that my heroes’s special and tiles do more damage? For some heroes, it is not always as clear cut.

Class Talents for offensive Raids

(Including Raid Tournaments)

For heroes that you bring to your offensive raids/war team, I will always recommend defense stats first.

The first reason being that it helps you to mitigate poor board states. Whether you talented attack or defense, you will always win when you are presented with a good board state. However, 60% of the time, you will get an average board state. It is during states like these that your opponents will fire their special skills before your heroes do.

Therefore in these situations, you will want durability on your heroes to be able to sustain the early fire and turn the battle around.

Secondly, when faced with opponents who have talented Attack stats first, the best way to win most consistently is to go with defensive stats. When both teams are talented offensively (attack stats) then the first mover is the winner. This is because a strikes from them would also kill your heroes almost instantly, and vice versa.

For any long time player, you will understand first hand how fickle board gods are. You will only get those great tiles in at most 10 to 15% of the time, for your heroes to fire first. And the 60% of the time when you have an average board, you won’t be able to fire your special skills first, or have enough tile damage to take out your opponents before they fire their special skills.

Therefore, it is wiser to spend your emblems on talenting defensively for most heroes.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Class talents for Defense Teams

(Including Raid Tournaments)

There are multiple strategies for setting up a defensive team. We will analyze by breaking down class talents for specific “hero type”.

Emblems for the Tank position,

there are two types of tanks.

  • Offensive tanks – tanks that focus on dealing massive damage to enemies to soften them up for your flanks. Examples of these are Azlar, Ursena, Gravemaker, Yunnan.
  • Defensive tanks – Tanks that buy time for your flanks and wings to kill your opponents. Examples are Guinevere, Kunchen, Aegir, Black Knight.

For Offensive tanks, it is extremely viable for you to choose the attack talents because you would want them to deal as much damage as possible in a single strike before they go down. It is also reasonable for you to choose the defensive talents for them to ensure that they are able to activate their specials as many times as possible.

There is no hard and fast rule for offensive tanks. It is of my personal opinion that choosing defensive talent grid for them would be a better choice as it gives you better options in hero choices for raids and war.

For defensive tanks, there is only one choice – the defense path on the talent grid for your emblems.

Emblems For Wings & Flanks

The best results for class talents for wing and flank position is focusing on the attack talents. This reasoning behind this is because you will always lose the defense if the opponent has a good board. So you will want to go with the option that can best punish your opponents for a poor-average board.

That said, the defense focused class talents also do not fall too far behind in win rates compared to class talents focused on attacks. This is because a defensive class talents allows for your heroes to activate their special skills multiple times. (However, no matter how many times you activate a special skill, being able to effectively kill an opponent is the most important. An attacked based class talents give the highest chance to effectively take out your opponent.)

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Emblems for Titan fights

The objective for a titan fight is to always deal as much damage as possible. To do so – class talent emblems for attack is the most obvious choice.

There is a catch to this – Legendary heroes with class talent emblems on attack stats cannot survive a single hit from 12-14 star titans. You will end up using multiple items and resources staying alive for your titan hits. Invariably, you will deal more damage with items and run out of items quickly.

What happens when you run out of essential resources & battle items for titans? Your team will be wiped out so quickly that you will not be able to deal enough damage against titans.

I personally recommend the defensive class talents for your emblems. Because durability = long term sustainable damage.

Empires and Puzzles is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

Guide to Titan Fights

Closing words for Class Talent and Emblems

Do not take what I say as Gospel – there is plenty of room and opportunity for you to explore and experiment with your choices.

Reset emblems are given out monthly in the Emblem quests. So you will not have to worry about losing any emblems permanently.

Iron and Food come by all the time.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy playing Empires and Puzzles! Good luck!

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