Empires and puzzles Heroes

  • Updated 19 January 2021 Major Revamp

Welcome to the definitive compilation of all empires and puzzles heroes. Everything from the latest hero ratings, hero gradings and hero reviews can be found here. This compilation is divided into 4 main sections

  1. List of all Empire and Puzzles Hero – Inclusive of hero grading at rantings.
  2. Family bonuses and related information
  3. Summoning tips and tricks and recommendations
  4. Best heroes of ENP

List of all Empires and Puzzles Heroes

How to use the E&P Hero List

  • Use the Search function to filter out category of heroes that you are looking for.
  • Tapping/Clicking on the header will allow you to rank these heroes in alphabetical order or based on their ratings in a specific area.
  • E.g. To find the best Dark Tank, Search Dark, Go to the “D-> Tank” Column, tap/click on it to rank the dark heroes based on who is the best at being tank.

Other information Regarding the Hero List

  • 0 To 10 Score Roughly correlates to a D to A++ Score, with B being 5
  • Calculation Formula: [Titan + Offense + Defense overall + Tournament average]/4.
  • Significance: The Overall score is more of how versatile a hero is – meaning how often you will likely use this hero in multiple scenarios. A high overall score does not mean that the hero will be good in all situations, in all attacking teams, or in any position in a defense team. More information and details given to this in the “best hero of Empires and Puzzles section”
  • If you have other suggestions regarding the formula, please leave them in the comment section with your reasons why – this will help us to improve this list
  • If you would like to suggest alternative gradings for a specific hero, please do so in the comment section as well.

Empires and Puzzles Legendary hero masterlist

HeroElementFromFamilyClassTitansOffenseD-> TankD->FlankD->WingD->OverallW/T-> RushT->BuffT->BloodyOverall
AeronDarkHotm 4/18Monk566524.337625.08
Boss WolfDarkCEGrimforestDruid257223.679534.08
ClarissaDarkHotm 5/20Paladin576887.335796.58
Domitia CostumeDarkCSRanger5555555555
GrimbleDarkHotm 12/19Cleric276555.336554.92
Guardian PantherDarkCEGuardiansFighter9855555857
HelDarkHotm 6/17Wizard5985568887
KhionaDarkHotm 9/18Rogue8776566556.58
KunchenDarkHotm 2/19Cleric999525.339527.17
MyzteroDarkTavern of LegendsRogue2522225553.5
OnyxDarkNinja NinjaRanger882664.675286.42
Quintus CostumeDarkCSMonk5252548254
Sartana CostumeDarkCSFighter5855865586.25
SeshatDarkHotm 7/19Ranger895897.338888.08
Thoth-AmunDarkHotm 11/17Sorcerer544454.32454.25
ZulagDarkHotm 10/20Paladin2364246713.42
AnzoghFireHOTM 4/19Wizard4655556524.83
AresFireHOTM 8/17Paladin8752237825.92
Azlar CostumeFireCSPaladin6552548265.0
Black KnightFireCEAvalonBarbarian799857.339898
Cpt KestrelFireCEPiratesRogue5658878586.25
Elena CostumeFireCSRogue846223.338465.33
GarnetFireNinja NinjaSorcerer2925236814.75
GravemakerFireHotm 6/18Barbarian588988.336697.08
GrazulFireHotm 9/19Cleric2955245514.67
Guardian KongFireCEGuardiansBarbarian6655556555.58
Jean-FrancoisFireHotm 2/20Wizard5558565785.67
Lady LokiFireS3HelheimFighter586745.677966.5
NatalyaFireHotm 1/18Sorcerer5522222243.67
NoorFireHotm 7/20Druid4252236553.58
Puss in BootsFireCEGrimforestRogue6655555555.5
Queen of heartsFireCEWonderlandPaladin566624.676855.5
Red HoodFireCEGrimforestRanger4555245524.25
ReubenFireHotm 12/20Cleric4655555855.25
ZimthikaFireHotm 11/18Druid5958876666.75
Bai YeongHolyHotm 9/20Ranger785575.677666.75
DelilahHolyHotm 3/18Fighter587766.677626.17
Drake FongHolyHotm 8/18Monk798998.678888.17
Guardian GazelleHolyCEGuardiansDruid8958258857.25
Guardian OwlHolyCEGuardiansDruid222273.678253.17
Joon CostumeHolyCSFighter8855866687.17
MalosiHolyHotm 4/20Barbarian685565.335886.58
MicaHolyNinja NinjaPaladin289826.3351086
MusashiHolyHotm 9/17Rogue666766.336666.08
NeithHolyHotm 11/19Ranger6676567555.92
OnatelHolyHotm 1/19Wizard586655.678566.25
RanaHolySESand EmpireMonk275624.337554.75
RanvirHolyHotm 6/19Druid9552232555.25
RocHolySESand EmpireBarbarian5755246865.67
Sir RoostleyHolySESpringvalePaladin667524.678565.75
Vivica CostumeHolyCSSorcerer575544.678835.75
White RabbitHolyCEWonderlandCleric886776.678877.58
AegirIceHotm 10/18Paladin6685258845.92
AlasieIceHotm 5/18Ranger685596.335686.67
AthenaIceHotm 7/17Ranger9855246686.92
CobaltIceNinja NinjaWizard8825545286.25
FridaIceHotm 3/19Paladin8855558877.17
GlendaIceHotm 11/20Wizard476624.678255.7
Isarnia CostumeIceCSSorcerer8755249656.42
King ArthurIceCEAvalonPaladin8755555676.5
Magni CostumeIceCSDruid885866.336877.33
Master LepusIceSESpringvaleDruid882896.338597.42
MikiIceHotm 8/19Barbarian9752238856.5
PerseuesIceHotm 12/17Paladin4425542554
RaffaeleIceHotm 6/20Monk2855249514.75
Richard CostumeIceCSBarbarian686524.337886.5
Snow WhiteIceCEGrimforestCleric2655248885
VelaIceHotm 1/2020Druid885987.338998
AlberichNatureHotm 10/17Druid596586.339826.67
Elkanen CostumeNatureCSBarbarian266645.335544.5
EvelynNatureHotm 12/18Ranger885665.678887.42
GregorianNatureHotm 7/18Ranger755565.335555.58
Guardian ChameleonNatureCEGuardiansWizard2222222552.5
Horghall CostumeNatureCSRanger2564558554.5
JadeNatureNinja NinjaMonk2252235553
Kadilen CostumeNatureCSSorcerer465665.675765.42
KingstonNatureHotm 10/19Fighter8957978888
Lady LockeNatureCEPiratesSorcerer765755.677766.33
Lady of the LakeNatureCEAvalonSorcerer668656.338535.92
Lianna CostumeNatureCSCleric6855866686.67
MargaretNatureHotm 5/19Rogue866655.675666.33
Morgan Le FayNatureCEAvalonSorcerer2565766524.33
Mother NorthNatureSEChristmasCleric5955869516.25
TelluriaNatureHotm 3/20Paladin699867.679947.5
The HatterNatureCEWonderlandCleric575655.337665.92
YunanNatureSESand EmpireFighter2786469565.42
ZelineNatureHotm 2/18Wizard896987.678888.17
Zocc NatureHotm 8/20Rogue454554.676554.75
BertilaNatureHotm 1/21Fighter536776.679234.83

Empires and Puzzles Family Bonus

Family NameFromBonus type2 heroes3 heroes4 heroes5 Heroes
AtlantisS2+x% Defense5101520
SakuraS2+x% mana generation24712
LagoonS2+x% Attack361015
AlfheimS3All Allies are healed by x% when an Alfheim Hero reaches low health247
AsgardS3All Allies gain x% mana when an Asgard Hero dies101520
HelheimS3Deals x% damage to all enemies when a Helheim Hero dies2550100
JotunheimS3All allies get an Ice Giant Minion with x%hp and y%Attack inherited from the caster when a Jotunheim Hero dies6
MidgardS3All allies get +x% attack for as along as a Midgard Ally has Low health. This effect cannot be dispelled.51015
MuspelheimS3All enemies receive x Burn Damage for as long as a Muspelheim Ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled223764
NifheimS3All enemies have -x% accuracy for as long as a Niflheim hero is at low health. Chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills51015
SvartalfheimS3All enemies receive x Poison damage for as long as a Svartalfheim Ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled.223764
VanaheimS3The mana of all enemies is reduced by x% when a Vanaheim Hero dies51015
WinterSE+x%health & +x%attack for minions inherited from their summoner5
EasterSE+x% attack1020
Sand EmpireSE+x% defense1020
Morlovia SE+x% mana generation512
AvalonCE+x% Critical Chance
+x% Healing
GuardianCE+x% defense
+x% healing
WonderlandCE+X% mana generation
+x% critical Chance
GrimforestCE+x% attack
+x% defense
PiratesCE+x%attack &
+x% mana generation
NinjaNinja+x% chance to dodge normal attack and special skills
+x% chance to counterattack with y% of damage received

Hero Summons – Empires and puzzles

Summary Of Hero Summoning chances

 S1 SummonCostume SummonElemental SummonSE SummonCE summonS2 SummonS3ToL SummonNinja Summon
S1 5*1.52.511.
Event 4*
Event 5*2.51.511.31.3+0.31.31
Bonus Summon (HOTM etc)
0.1 (myztero)

Hero of the month (HotM)

The current HotM is only available via Summon for one month. Unlike regular 5* heroes, you cannot obtain a HoTM through a training camp at TC20. 

Troop summons and daily summons are not eligible for a bonus chance at the HotM. If you successfully pull the HotM, you will receive both your actual pull along with the HotM, giving you two heroes instead of one for that particular pull.  In doing a 10-pull, you have 10 opportunities to get the HotM.

Season 1 – Classic heroes

300 gems Or Epic Hero token (single summon) &
2600 gems (10x summon)

  • Rare: 72%
  • Epic: 26.5%
  • Legendary: 1.5%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw

Also available from Training camp level 20.

All Classic Heroes

 Fire HeroesIce HeroesNature HeroesHoly HeroesDark Heroes
3* / RareAzar
Friar Tuck
4* / EpicColen
Little John
Wu Kong
Hu Tao
Li Xiu
5* / LegendaryAzlar

Elemental Summon (Fire/Ice/Nature/Holy/Dark):

300 gems (single summon) &
2600 gems (10x summon)

  • Rare: 71%
  • Epic: 26.5%
  • Legendary: 2.5%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw

Seasonal Event Summon

300 gems or Epic Hero Token (Single Summon) or
2600 gems (10x Summon)

  • Rare Classic Hero: 56.8%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.0%
  • Rare Seasonal Hero: 14.2%
  • Epic Seasonal Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Seasonal Hero: 1.5%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw
Springvale 2020

These special event heroes are all part of the Easter Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Easter Family bonus for 2/3/ heroes is:

  • +10%/20% attack
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
Squire RabbitChick Jr
4* / Epic
Jack O'hareLady Woolerton
5* / Legendary
Master LepusSir RoostleyKillhare
Sand Empire

These special event heroes are all part of the Sand Empire Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Sand Empire Family bonus for 2/3/ heroes is:

  • +10%/20% defense
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
5* / Legendary


Roc Review
Return to Morlovia

These special event heroes are all part of the Morlovia Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Morlovia Family bonus for 2/3/ heroes is:

  • +5%/12% Mana Generation
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
5* / Legendary
Santa’s Challenge

These special event heroes are all part of the Winter Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Winter Family bonus for 2/3/ heroes is:

  • +5%/10% attack & health for minions inherited from their summoner
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
5* / Legendary
Santa ClausKrampusMother North

Challenge Event Summon

300 gems or 10 Challenge Coins (Single Summon) or
2600 gems (10x Summon)

  • Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%
  • Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
  • Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Event Hero: 1.0%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw

Read our guide to Farming for challenge coins

Pirates of Corellia

These special event heroes are all part of the Pirates of Corellia Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Pirates of Corellia Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is:

  • +3%/6%/10%/15% Attack
  • +2%/4%/7%/12% Mana Generation
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
Cabin Boy PetersFirst Mate Boomer
5* / Legendary
Captain KrestrelFinleyLady LockeMarie Thérèse
Riddles of Wonderland

These special event heroes are all part of the Wonderland Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Wonderland Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is:

  • +2%/4%/7%/12% mana
  • +5%/10%/15%/20% critical chance
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
Captain of DiamondsCheshire Cat
5* / Legendary
Queen of HeartsAliceThe HatterWhite RabbitJabberwock
Fables of Grimforest

The special event heroes are all part of the Grimforest Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Grimforest Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is:

  • +3%/6%/10%/15% attack
  • +5%/10%/15%/20% defense
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
5* / Legendary
Red Hood
Puss in Boots
Snow White
Boss Wolf
Guardians of Teltoc

The special event heroes are all part of the Guardians of Teltoc family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Guardians of Teltoc Family Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes is:

  • +5%/10%/15%/20% defense
  • +4%/6%/9%/13% healing
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
Guardian Bat
4* / Epic
Guardian FalconGuardian Jackal
5* / Legendary
Guardian KongGuardian ChameleonGuardian Gazelle
Guardian Owl
Guardian Panther
Knights of Avalon

These special event heroes are all part of the Knights of Avalon Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Knights of Avalon Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is:

  • +5%/10%/15%/20% Critical chance
  • +4%/6%/9%/13% Healing
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
Sir LancelotMerlin
5* / Legendary
Black KnightKing ArthurMorgan Le Fay
Lady of the Lake

Season 2 – Atlantis rises / Atlantis Hero Summons

350 gems or 100 Atlantis Coins (Single Summon) or
3000 gems (10x Summon) or
8400 gems (30x Summon)

  • Rare Classic Hero: 21.8%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 11.9%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.2%
  • Rare Atlantis Hero: 49.2%
  • Epic Atlantis Hero: 14.6%
  • Legendary Atlantis Hero: 1.3%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw
  • In addition, each Atlantis summon contributes to a Bonus Ascension Item Chest. The chest is awarded after 10 Atlantis summons. You can claim a maximum of 9 Ascension Item Chests each summons event.

Read our guide on Farming for Atlantis Coins here

 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic
5* / Legendary

Each Atlantis Rising features 2 Atlantis heroes at 2 Past Hero of the Months (HotM)

Atlantis Summon Schedule

Past & Future featured heroes and HOTM for Atlantis Summoning

Season 3 Heroes – Valhalla Hero Summons

350 gems or 100 Valhalla Coins (Single Summon) or
3000 gems (10x Summon) or
8400 gems (30x Summon)

  • Rare Classic Hero: 19.6%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 11.9%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 0.9%
  • Rare Valhalla Hero: 51.4%
  • Epic Valhalla Hero: 14.6%
  • Legendary Valhalla Hero: 1.3%
  • Featured Valhalla Hero: 0.3%
  • 1.3% Chance of a Bonus HotM Draw
  • In addition, each Valhalla summon contributes to a Bonus Ascension Item Chest. The chest is awarded after 10 Valhalla summons. You can claim a maximum of 9 Ascension Item Chests each summons event.
 Fire Heroes
Ice Heroes
Nature Heroes
Holy Heroes
Dark Heroes
3* / Rare
4* / Epic


5* / Legendary

Baldur Hero Review

Lady Loki
*Fenrir Hero Review*
Skadi Hero Review
Ratatoskr Hero Review

*Hero Review*

*BETA* Frigg
Sif Hero Review
Norns Hero Review

Hero Review
Alfrike Hero Review
*BETA* Bera Bera

Each Valhalla hero belongs to its own “Realm”.

Realms empower their members in unique ways. The more members of the same realm there is in a team, the more powerful the realm effect is.

Hero Costume Summon

350 gems or 5 Costume Keys (Single Summon) or
3000 gems (10x Summon)

  • Rare Hero Costume: 71%
  • Epic Hero Costume: 26.5
  • Legendary Hero Costume: 1.2%
  • Featured Legendary Hero Costume: 1.3%
  • *Bonus* Hero of the Month: 1.3%
  • In addition, each Costume summon contributes to a Bonus Ascension Item Chest. The chest is awarded after 10 Costume summons. You can claim a maximum of 9 Ascension Item Chests each summons event.
The main purpose of the following table is to assist you in deciding whether you should spend resources to level up the original hero and the hero's costume.
Ratings 1 & 2 : Super low priority
Rating 3: Medium Priority - Level the costume if you have the spare resources, since these heroes will see some play in some aspects of the game.
Rating 4: Level the costumes ASAP if you already have the fully leveled hero.
Rating 5: The Costume is good enough to see viable competitive play. A must to level if you have the costume.
Original HeroHero CostumeOriginal hero gradeCostume GradingRecommended to level?
(1 to 5, 5 being MUST level)
ElenaCaptain of FireBB1: Elena seldom sees play
AzlarKing of the LeorsBA+5: The new special Makes Azlar great in Defense and against titans.

Given how many green tanks there are, Azlar would be great in offense as well.
BoldtuskCast Iron ChefAB3: For stat bonus only
HawkmoonAscendant ChiefAA+4: Great for tournaments
AzarSeeker of GodsBC1: Meh - Azar seldom sees play, Costume doesn't make Azar all that great either
IsarniaIcewitch of GlaceholmBA3: For stat bonus
RichardAxe of JusticeBB3: For stat bonus
MagniMonolith of IceAA+5: Despite reduction in damage %, the defense reduction is awesome, improving Magni in both offense, Defense and against titans.

Only downside is that Magni requires fighter Emblems, of which there are many competitors
KirilMaster ShredderAA+5: Both versions of Kiril are highly usable, which version you use is dependent on your team composition.
BorilHeavyweight DefenderCC1: Meh.
SonyaViking ChampionBA5: Diversity in use.
KarilThe HeatedBB3: For stat bonus. (Karil mostly sees play in Challenge Events)
GunnarBlacksmithBB4: Diversity in use
LiannaNoble GuardianAA+3: For stat bonus
HorghallWooden JesterBB1: Horghall seldom sees play
ElkanenMoonlit ConquererBB3: For stat bonus. Elkanen is unimpressive on his own.
KadilenPriestess of MoonlightBB3: Is Special Defense better or Dodge better? Its quite debatable.
MelendorMighty WizardAB3: For stat bonus
SkittleskullCandy WitchCC1: Skittleskull seldom sees play
KashrekLizardfolk ElderCC1: Kashrek seldom sees play.. If you have nothing to better to do.. sure..
CaedmonElven AvengerBA4: Diversity in use.
Little John Stealthy BrotherCC1: Little John seldom sees play. The new effect is great, but at slow speed - kinda useless.
BrienneShaman of ConcordiaAA5: Diversity in use, for tournaments
IsshtakLizardfolk AncestorBA5: Awesome for challenge events and tournament battles.
CarverThe CutthroatBB2: Seldom sees play. Also not good enough for tournaments
Friar TuckJovial ExplorerBA+5: Great for Tournaments. (Buff booster and Rush Attack)
BelithGrove SpiritBA5: Great for buff booster and rush attack tournaments
BerdenAdroit ArcherAA+4: Good for Tournaments
VivicaMagician SupremeBA5: Diversity in use, stat bonus, great VS titans
JoonFury of the SunAA3: For stat bonus
Li XiuCeremonial AssassinCC2: For stat bonus
BaneNoble BrawlerAA3: For stat bonus
QiuntusElectro ScientistBB1: Quintus seldom sees play
DomitiaSteampunk SniperBA4: Awesome in today's meta (due to the amount of buffs and debuffs)

The added poison damage is also quite significant.
SartanaMonstress of DescenthiaAA5: Sartana is already a grade A hero. If you have the costume - even better.

It is debatable that the costume is better than original Sartana. A bulk of Sartana's damage actually comes from Damage over time.
RigardDapper NobleAA5: Stat bonus, diversity in use,
TibertusDuke of RockAA3: For stat bonus
TyrumRoman RemnantBB4: For stat bonus + Diversity in use
PriscaResolute OverseerCC1: Meh.
BalthazaarUndead MagicianAA4: Balthazaar has always been one of the best Rare heroes. Having additional stats is always good
RenfeldUnhinged SurgeonCA+5: A new powerful special skill.

Tavern of Legends Summon

More information of Tavern of Legends here

300 gems or 100 Legend Coins (Single Summon) or
2600 gems (10x Summon) or
7500 gems (30x Summon)

**The current Hero of the Month is not included in the Legends

Legend coins

These  can be received as a reward from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles, Alliance Wars and Challenge Events.

Check out our guide to farming wanted missions, Challenge Events, Alliance War & Titan Battles

Empires & Puzzles Hero Summoning Guide/Hack/Cheat

 We have all heard people state suspicions regarding good or bad streaks in the E&P RNG (random number generator, aka luck).  This method of performing summons is based on the Presumed streakiness of RNG in the game.  Without that presumption, this method holds no validity and mathematically makes no sense. It has worked for me on both of my accounts for 10 months now. I shared my thoughts regarding this method with some friends and then publicly when the results appeared to be reproducible.

Testing RNG in Hero Summoning

        Obviously, the whole idea regarding this method is to not spend more money than you must in order to get heroes you can use. If you were to pay for summons to test the RNG, you’d end up spending a lot more money, therefore I use the daily tokens provided in game to test whether it is worth using an EHT (Epic Hero Token), ATS (Atlantis token summons), ETS (Event token summons).  By using free summons to test the game RNG, you drastically reduce the money spent before you commit to paying for a 10x Event or Atlantis summons.  You also theoretically increase the odds of getting an event hero or HoTM (Hero of the Month.)  

Remember, this method is based on Presumed streakiness in the RNG of the game.  I save Daily tokens and use them Only for this method.  I usually have between 50 and 70 daily summons tokens on either of my accounts at all times. They are really not that difficult to Accumulate.  You have to keep in mind that rolls are rolls.  This means that when you get an amazing Elemental chest result or Titan chest result, it may be worth trying a free event/Atlantis summons to see how it turns out.  Those results would have to be pretty good to warrant trying a free Event/Atlantis summons. You only get so many of those and want to save them for testing RNG when the time is right.

How do I test the RNG for Streakiness?

First we have to look at the odds for getting a result that may indicate the RNG is streaking high.  For DST (Daily Summons Tokens), the odds of getting a common troop are listed as 16%.  The odds of getting an uncommon troop is listed as 15.7%. The odds of getting a Rare Hero are listed as 3.3% and the odds of getting a Rare troop are listed as 1.7%.  

Knowing that you now need to decide what you would use to consider the RNG streaking high.  If you use Uncommon troop and above the total percentage for that is:

Common troop = 16%

Uncommon troop = 15.7%        

Rare Hero = 3.3%

Rare Troop = 1.7%

15.7+16+3.3+1.7= 36.7%

 For Atlantis summons that’s high enough percentage to state that RNG is streaking high and to try a free Atlantis summons. For Seasonal Events, I generally use only 2* troop (Uncommon) and above so that’s

        15.7%+3.3%+1.7%= 20.7%

Now let’s compare that percentage to the chance of getting an Event or Atlantis hero.  The chance of getting an Atlantis hero of any kind is:

        3* Atlantis hero = 51.4%

4* Atlantis Hero = 14.6%

5* Featured Atlantis Hero = 1.3%

5* Hero of the Month = 1.3%

5* Non-Featured Atlantis Hero = 0.3%

Total chance of getting 3* and up Atlantis or 5* HoTM = 68.9%

You could also set the bar at 4* or above Atlantis hero and that percentage would be 17.5% to get a 4* or above Atlantis Hero.

For Events like the Winter/Christmas Seasonal Event, the odds are:

        3* Seasonal Hero = 8%

        4* Seasonal Hero = 3.2%

        5* Seasonal Hero = 0.6*

        5* Legendary Classic hero = 0.9%

        5* Hero of the Month = 1.3%

For a total of 14% chance of getting any Seasonal Event hero. Legendary Classic Hero or the HoTM.

        As you can see the bar is really high for Seasonal events with only an 11.8% chance of getting any Seasonal event hero and 2.2% chance of either Legendary Classic or Legendary HoTM.  This really helps you understand why Santa and Mother North are so difficult to get.

I strongly discourage performing any summons other than Event or Atlantis summons.  Performing Elemental or Epic hero summons will end up with you receiving a ton of duplicate Legendary classic heroes many of which will never be advanced.  I’d much rather receive a Legendary 5* hero as a consolation prize for missing Event heroes or HoTM instead of spending good money for a Classic hero summons where you have ZERO chance of getting an event or Atlantis hero.

You can also receive Legendary Classic heroes just by keeping your TC 20 stocked up and running.  I have been playing for about 2.7 years now and have at least 5 of every classic 5* hero.  That being said, you can understand that there is a lot of swearing involved when I get A Classic 5* during an event or Atlantis summons.  The Percentages are different for the Regular Monthly events such as Avalon, Guardians etc.  

Any 1* or 2* classic hero with the Daily token is a stopper. This means you stop. Yes, its difficult to stop sometimes because we all want the great heroes, but that will only end up costing you more money or wasting your free tokens if you continue.

Hero Summoning – The Process

I will use Atlantis summons for the example of how I do this.        

Step 1: Use one free Daily token.

  • If that results in a 1* or 2* troop or above, then proceed to step 2.
  • If you receive a 1* or 2* classic hero, then STOP!

Step 2: Use a second Daily token.  

  • If you receive any 1* or 2* Hero, then STOP! 
  • If that results in a 2* troop or above, then proceed to step 3.
  • If it results in a second 1* troop, repeat step 2.  
    Note: Do not repeat step 2 more than twice (Total of 3 times). If I have not received a 2* troop by that time, I STOP!

Step 3:  Use a Free Atlantis summons.

  • If you receive ANY Atlantis hero, then proceed to Step 4.
  • If you receive Any S1 3* hero, then STOP!  
  • If you Receive a 4* or above S1 hero, luck is neither good nor bad. You can try a second Free Atlantis summons, especially if it is getting close to the close of the event.
    Only continue to step 4 if you get an Atlantis hero (any) or a 5* Classic Hero. Anything other than that on the second try, STOP!

Step 4: Proceed with a 10x summons.

  • If you get your desired 5* hero (or HotM), then you may stop.
  • If you receive 5 or more Atlantis heroes of any kind mixed with 1 or more 4* Classic heroes or above, then feel free to repeat step 4. Keep in mind: NEVER exceed two 10x summons.

Hero Summoning – Conclusion

As you can see, steps 1 through 3 use only free summons. The only step that costs you anything is step 4. In this way you can really prevent a lot of spending when the RNG is trending low.  There should be no 10x Dawa summons and that is at least some comfort if you miss on your 5* event/Atlantis hero.  I generally check RNG about twice a day unless something strange happens like Multiple 4* rolls in Titan Treasure, Mystic vision, Elemental chest, etc.

I guess that’s basically it in a nutshell. It has worked for me for about 10 months now and I have actually received multiple HoTM or Event heroes with just the free single summons not having to proceed to the 10x summons. In that time, I’ve never missed getting the HoTM on both accounts.  

 I started passing it along to friends about 5 months ago to others and then publicly. So, either Get out your tinfoil hat and join the parade or watch and laugh. It should not work mathematically, but it does for me. I certainly hope that it works for you as well.

Credits to Censure for this Hero Summoning Guide

Best heroes of Empires & Puzzles

(Updated 27- February 2020)

Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Wouldn’t it be really frustrating when you go through all that work then realise that the hero was not worth all that effort?

The feeling is crap. I know that. I have been there before.

So I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles.

To be honest, this list should really only be used for reference. For example, the best hero overall might not necessary be the best hero in your raid team, or titan team. Furthermore, you might not make use of the best hero all the time because the best hero might not be appropriate for the situation.

Therefore, the best heroes are typically the most VERSATILE hero. Heroes that be used in a multitude of situations. These heroes give you the most Bang for your materials.

Finally, the average chance of pulling a Legendary hero is about 1% and 1.3% for the current HOTM. To get a specific Legendary Hero will cost you quite a bit of money – the most important thing for most players is to learn how to maximise the effectiveness of the heroes that you have on hand, and how to raid effectively , attack titans effectively, and set up the best defence team with what you have.

*Heroes with available reviews, whether by myself, or others will be linked to the tables.

Searching for the best hero by category is now easier than ever with the sorting system provided by the Hero Master list.

As such, when looking for the best heroes, please refer to the table to find the hero that you are looking for.

Instead, we will explore what makes a hero good in a specific position. Ideally, this would allow you to have a deeper understanding of team formations, and allow you to form teams with whichever hero you have.

Best Hero for tank

Primary Criteria

  • Durability of hero// Chance of activation of special
    • High Defence + HP of Tank
      • Probability of activation of special is dependant on the durability of tank.
  • Delay attackers
    • Heal, Defence buffs, attack debuffs, mana generation debuffs and taunts are effective way to allow your flanks and wings more turns to charge up their special skills.
  • Helps allies kill attackers faster
    • Attack buffs, Defence debuffs (except elemental debuffs)
    • High damage to speed output
  • Have a mix, or excels in 1

Secondary Criteria

  • Flank and wing options
    • Your available choices for Flank and Wings make a difference to selecting your hero for the tank position
      • If there is a lack of damage out put (i.e. 3 healers in the tank + Flank position), then it will be very easy for the attackers, as they can keep sending tiles through the centre with little care for the consequences.
      • A good combination like the GTV (Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela) formation works because – Telluria heals and buys time for vela+gravemaker to activate. Telluria further delays (via mana generation reduction) enemy cleanses, allowing gravemaker and vela to maximize their damage over time effect.
  • Team composition synergy – Viable strategies
    • Offensive defence – Kill them before they kill you. Usually comprises of heroes like Ursena and fast strikers in the flanks
    • Defensive traps – the combination looks like it lacks offensive power, will win a drawn out battle. A example would be Santa, Telluria, Krampus , Freya combination.
    • Balanced team compositions like the GTV combo.
    • Family Synergies – eg A team of 5 Atlantis Family Heroes
  • Attacker options.
    • Whether there exists hero or heroes that make it easy to break your defence formation.

Best heroes for tank include heroes like Krampus, Kunchen, Black Knight, Guinevere, Ursena, Mica, Odin, Frigg, Telluria.

You will notice that all of these heroes have characteristics that fit the aforementioned criteria.

Best Hero for Flank

There are two main category of Flanks – Flanks that Support your Tank, and Flanks that deal damage quickly.

Flank heroes that Supports tank

Best heroes in this category are heroes like Black Knight, Krampus, Zeline, Vela. They have buffs / debuffs that help you to kill the attackers faster, or boost your team’s durability.

Flanks heroes deal lots of Damage

Best heroes in this category are heroes like Frigg, Vela, Gravemaker, Odin – whereby they only have 1 main aim, and that is to deal as much damage as possible, while the tank buys time for them.

Best heroes for Wing Position

Typically the Wing position is used as the clean up crew – whereby the Flanks deal enough damage for the Wings to deal the finishing blow.

Almost all sniper type heroes fit into this category (Fast heroes with high Single target damage)

The only exception this is Alberich and Mother North.

Best overall 5 star (Legendary) hero award

This section is a work in progress.

#1 Gravemaker
Due to his great strength in both offensive and defensive positions.

Best heroes on defense of Empires and puzzles  - March 2020
Best heroes on Defense – by total use.

#2 Alberich
Similarly, highly versatile in Offensive and defensive positions and against Titans. Alberich can save you in clutch positions and is a nightmare to fight against in Wars.

#3 Hel
What makes Hel so good is her ability to completely stop mana generation for your opponents. Her damage is really secondary. As obvious as it may seem, special skills form the backbone of any team composition, whether in offense or defense. Stopping your opponents from being able to generate mana is really what wins you the game.

#4, #5, #6
Zeline, Seshat, Finley (in no particular order)
The lines really start to get blur at these positions – all these heroes are pretty damn awesome at what they do.

The distinction here between them and the top 3 heroes is that these 3 heroes are good overall & excellent in certain situations. But the top 3 heroes are excellent in ALL situations.

Ranking heroes below #7 is meaningless to do so. Rankings at this point becomes a matter of extremely variable opinion.

Instead take a look at your own existing roster, and see which heroes would add the greatest impact/improvement to your roster and how they would affect your playstyle.

You can also refer to these guides to determine which heroes your roster is lacking to decide which heroes you would like to upgrade first

Titan Guide
Winning Raids strategy Guide
Raid Defence team Set up.

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  1. After the latest balance update, this list also needs an update. I do for example believe that the rating for Sumitoto should be adjusted.

  2. So, to clarify on hero summons. When you say “stop”, how long do you stop? A day, an hour, or keep using daily tokens until I get the sequence you’ve outlined, ie 1/2☆ troop, 2☆ troop( or 1☆ , then again for 2☆ ), then use a summons? Tokens aren’t an issue, as I have LOTS. Thanks

  3. In the Hero Costume Summon table, Gunnar is given a “B” for both Original Hero Grade and Costume Grading. But he’s got a “C” for Overall Grade in the 3 Star Ice table. Can you please clarify?

    Thank you.

  4. I have had a permanent tab for this site on my phone for the past year. I am looking forward to an update and am eager to see your recommendations and ratings of all the HOTM, Odin, Krampus, Frosty, well… everyone 🙂 know your site means a lot and makes a difference. Please keep up the good work. You should post your Patreon so we can donate.

  5. So no more ranking for Rare and Epic heroes. Just legendary. The game is becoming a pay to win game and removing the ranking of lower level heroes is disappointing.

    1. Hey Mitch,

      I did not realize that those ratings were that important. Will work on getting an improved and updated version back in.

    1. Hey yo,

      Working on it.. E&P has been releasing too much new content recently and I have my hands full with them

      I would also like to update the 4 star and 3 star hero grades as well.

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