Empires and Puzzles – Gefjon


Attack: 772
Defense: 766
HP: 1258

Class: Archer
Realm: Muspelheim
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Fast

Special Skill: Maiden’s Command

  • Steals Minions from the target
  • Deals 500% damage to the target.

Gefjon Hero Review:

Gefjon ability is very straight forward. Steals minion from the target and deal a bunch of damage.

There is two extremely important aspects to Gefjon’s Special skill.

  • Firstly, the “Steal Minions” effect triggers first. This means that damage done by Gefjon will fully done to the target’s health pool, instead of first killing the minion(s) then dealing damage to the target’s health pool
  • Secondly, steals minions is plural, not singlar. This means that Gefjon is able to transfer 3 minions from the target to herself. This is very significant. Minions with special effects like Bera, Freya etc will immediately be able to be utilized by Gefjon.

Gefjon in Offensive raids

In terms of attacking, Gefjon is straightforward an A in an attacking team.

Damage Gefjon is able to deal is more than any of the classic snipers (Lianna, Sartana etc). By thee very virtue of this grants Gefjon an A ranking in offense.

Whether the primary “Steal minions” effect gives Gefjon an A+ ranking in offense is debatable.

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Gefjon in Defense

Snipers without offensive/defensive secondary effects have never been regarded too well in a defending team.

This is because of the AI system’s poor targeting.

However, that being said, Gefjon is still very good in a Wing position.

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Gefjon against Titans

Gefjon is quite decent against titans because of her higher than average attack stat.

Guide to Titan Fights

Gefjon Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – B+
Offence – A+
Defence Tank – C
Defence Flank – B
Defence Wing – A+
Defense Overall – A
Tournaments Rush Attack – C
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – A+
Overall A

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