Titan Guide

Strategies, tips and tricks for Titan fights – Empires and puzzles

1. Titan Mechanics

1. 1min 30s per titan flag
2. Weak points
Titans have visible weak points.  Tiles sent into the weak point do additional damage, and If you hit the weak point with three tiles (regardless of color or damage done), then the titan will be stunned for one turn and unable to attack. Rare titans with reflect ability, however, will not be stunned by the reflected color.

2. Buff/debuff mechanics

“Attack down” debuff can be cancelled by applying an “Attack up” buff, similarly, the “Attack up” buff will be overrode with an “Attack Down” debuff.

The same applies for the “defense stat” modifiers”

What this means is that when fighting a green titan with special “all enemies get -25% attack for 6 turns”, you may replace antidotes with a bear banner or dragon banner.

Using a Bear Banner after this titan has fired would remove the debuff + give you an attack up. Two birds with one stone.

Only Burn, Poison & blindness requires antidote or “Dispel status ailment” Specials.

More information on special skills interaction

3. Heroes Selection

Majority of damage to titans comes from tile damage. Therefore the objective is to maximise tile damage.
Therefore, prioritise heroes based on their specials as so.
1. Defence debuffs, (Or dispellers for rare titans)
2. Atk increase buffs. Ideally you will want Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu Kong with another attack increase buffer (e.g. Boldtusk. Alternatively, you can use an item to replace Boldtusk)
3. “Strong-color” heroes with high attack stats.
4. Defensive heroes that help you to stay alive. These choices are completely optional and should never ever be prioritized.

4. Item Selection

There is just about one fixed item slot that you need for every titan. And that is the item that can help you to counter the Titan’s special effect.
1. Antidote (or Turtle Banner or Dragon Banner for Ice titan, Bear or Dragon Banner for Green Titan)

The second item slot will be for buffs that you don’t have the heroes for.
E.g. if you lack an attack up buffer, you want to dedicate one slot for Dragon Banner or Bear Banner.

The third and fourth item slot that are up to you to utilise. For example you want to bring mana pots to help your key heroes to fire more. Or to activate your dispellers when you need them.

They can also be HP pots, or Bomb/Axe/Arrow attacks to help your team to stay alive during titan fights.

Or Tornados to help your team to maximise damage by fixing bad boards and giving mana to your heroes.

5. Strategy / Execution

Finally, it’s time to kick some ass. After all that long winded explanation. It’s quite simple really. There are 2 ways about this – Going for maximum Damage, and being item efficient.

5a. Going for the high score on Titan Damage

  1. Item set – [If no attack boosting hero]Attack up Banner (Dragon, Titan or Bear banner) + Tornado + Hurricane (or mana potions) + mana potions
  2. Start by applying debuffs and buffs to your heroes.
  3. Spam tornadoes and diamonds, ensuring that your buffs and debuffs have 100% uptime.

5b. Going for cost effective item usage

This strategy allows you to save expensive materials and battle items for use when you are tight on resources.

You want to bring items like turtle banners, axe attacks, antidotes and hp pots.

  1. Always target the weak point to keep the titan stunned.
  2. If you are unable to stun the titan, use a turtle banner and axe attack to mitigate the titan’s damage as much as possible.
  3. Follow up by using healing potions to regain hp to survive the titan hit.
  4. Take your time to make your move, as you will want to ensure that you can keep the titan stunned as much as possible.
  5. You should be able to t survive for 1min 30seconds and deal 20 to 40k on an average board with decent heroes.

6. Additonal lessons

7. Understanding Titan Loot tables and drops

8. List of titans and their specials

9. Videos for Titan Hits

12* Green Titan with only 4star Heros
Same 12* Green Titan with a lucky board
12* Ancient Hydra
207,000 Damage on 12* Fireblade Giant