Winning Strategies for raids

Boosting your winning rates for offensive raids.

All you ever need to know about how to excel in your raids

1. Know Thy Enemy

Assess the enemy’s raid formation.

Tap and hold on the enemies heroes to bring up their stats and special skills. You can also estimate if they have gone an offensive or defensive route with their talent tree, this will help you to gauge where are the chinks in their defense.

Analyzing their defensive raid strategy

Who’s in the tank position?
– How will the tank cause you problem?
– Which heroes do you have that can take down the tank quickly?
– Which heroes do you have that can counter the tank’s special?

Who’s in the Flank Position?
– Are there any weakness in the flanks that you can exploit?
– Is there a weaker left or right side where you are not afraid of the heroes firing?
– Are the flanks specials mana speed slow?

Who’s in the Wing Position?
– Are there any slow heroes in the wing position? If there are, you can “ignore” these heroes as they will take a long time to fire.

Overall, what is the strategy that the enemy is trying to use?
Pure offense?
Balanced Strategy, Tank + healer + offensive heroes?
Defensive line up with many healers and low overall damage output?

2. Know Thyself

Based on what strategy your target is employing, do you have the right heroes to be able to counter their strategy?

Do you have the right heroes to be able to exploit a weakness in their defense?

Are you able to take out the tank quickly?

Are you able to take the left and/or right flank & wing before the enemy’s tank can cause trouble for you?

Are you able to dispel your opponent’s buff before they cause trouble for you? Or is it not essential to dispel their buffs?

Are you able to dispel any status ailments that your opponent causes, or is it non essential to dispel it?

How can you mitigate the effect of an average board, where you are unable to take out the flanks or the tank quickly? Will you be using healers to help your heroes survive longer? Or will you choose to bring mana control heroes that prevent troublesome enemy heroes from going off?

These might seem like a shit load of questions – and difficult ones too. But the reality is all the good players are constantly asking themselves these questions as they choose their target and plan their teams.

By asking these questions, you help to answer the only question that matters – are you able to kill your opponent before they kill you?

3. Forming your raid team

By answering the questions above, you will be able to get a good grasp on which 5 heroes you would want to bring to your raid offensive.

Common Raid Formations

Raid Formation strategy : 3-1-1 or 3-2

3 Offensive heroes that are the color that is strong against the opponent tank, with 2 different healers.
An example would be:
Proteus, Tibertus, Seshat, Boldtusk, Melendor OR
Proteus, Sabina, Seshat, Boldtusk, Scarlett
Kiril, Gormek, Guinevere, Kadilen, Sartana

Raid Formation strategy : 4-1

4 heroes that strong against the tank, and an off color healer.
Proteus, Tibertus, Sabina, Sartana, Boldtusk
Kiril, Gormek, Guinevere, Kadilen, Sartana

This strategy is usually employed when you need to kill the tank asap, and you don’t have the strong 5star heroes to do so. By using this formation, you should be able to take our Guinevere in 5 or so purple tiles, and the rest are easy pickings.

Raid Formation Strategy : Mono Color

Some players advocate going Mono-color team that takes out the tank or flanks quickly. Its a viable option that takes out strategic depth in picking your teams, choosing to focus on maximizing the upside when you get the tiles.

You will only want to go for this strategy when you don’t have a strong team formation against the enemy. It’s essentially a do or die attack, completely at the mercy of the “Board”

The upside is that, statistically speaking, you will be able to get the tiles you require to win 70-80% of the time. The other times, you will just be a sitting duck. If you do not have the tiles, you do not have a back up plan.

Additional tips and tricks for forming your teams

Position Safety nets and important heroes on the wings. This will minimize the chances that they are hit by skills that affect “target and nearby enemies”. This will keep them alive as long as possible in order to help you to swing the battle.

Now the planning phase is finally over – and we begin raiding.

4. Strategy IN the raid

A. Taking the tank out first.

This will open up a hole for you to ghost your tiles for mana generation.

If the tank is especially difficult, it is also viable to take out the left/right side of the enemy’s formation for the same effect.

B. Efficiency when killing enemy heroes

Tap and hold the enemy hero to see their stats (current defense and remaining Hp). Use it to estimate/guess whether you can kill the enemy heroes with the tiles available (before they fire their special skills) or you will be required to fire your special skills at them to take them out.

C. Progression of moves

Prioritize your moves according to this:
1. Can I kill an enemy hero that is about to use his/her special?
2. Can I kill any hero?
3. Can I fire a special? Is it the right time to do it? Or should I wait?
3a. In what order should I fire my special skills?
Cleanse (if necessary) -> attack up buffs -> Color defense reduction -> generic Defense reduction -> Damage skills -> other effects.
4. Can I make an Important (on-color) diamond?
5. Can I make any diamond?
6. Can I make a move that potentially sets up a diamond?
(It is more important to take the move that makes a diamond, than to use a diamond)
7. Can I clear a bunch of tiles without activating an enemy special?
8. Can I make an on-color tiles match?
9. Finally, can I make any match?

5. Additional information on Raid strategy and planning

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Good luck and have fun!