Alliance war Hero Analysis

Indepth analysis of the best tank colors for alliance war.

Last Update October 2019

The most important factor in deciding what colors to coordinate among allies is what heroes do players have as a viable tank, and the availability of strikers in the opposing colors.

As you can see, because many of the green strikers do not have dispel, with the exception of Zeline and Evelyn, both of with are HOTM which many players do not have, Ice tanks had become prevalent.

However with the new release of Finley and Kingston in October 2019, which became direct counters to Aegir, Ariel we predict that Ice tanks will become less prevalent and the meta will start to move towards green tanks.

However, this is only a guess and it’s always good to buck the trend. Try it out, and leave some feedback in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Alliance war Hero Analysis

  1. Can you please update this to include S3 heroes and recent HOTM, like Tulluria? Also I noticed that Black Knight is not on here yet. And can you include the best 4* tanks for alliances that don’t have 5* heroes across the board? that would be awesome, thank you!

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