Empires and Puzzles Hero Costumes

Updated to reflect changes to hero costumes on 20 January 2020.

Are hero costumes worth the gems?

The quick answer: No.
Definitely not worth spending gems to get the costumes. (even after the buff to get the hero & costume).

The heroes that you can get from Legendary training camps, or in Atlantis summons or Challenge Event summons. If you are spending gems to pull heroes, participating in costume summon will definitely guarantee you many duplicate heroes.

It is much better to spend gems (and $$, if you are a spending) to summon during Atlantis or Challenge Event. Atlantis summons also have the same change for the ascension material and HOTM bonus.

Are hero costumes worth to level up?

However, if you do get these costumes, then go ahead to spend the food and 1 Rare ascension material (for Legendaries) to level the costumes up, if you have a maxed hero for the costume already.

Even then, there are certain heroes that have a higher priority to level up the costumes for, and some that you can ignore until you have nothing better to do. Here is the list of *must level* hero costumes

Recommend costumes to Level up:

Melendor – Mighty Wizard
Rigard – Dapper Noble
Sonya – Viking Champion
Tyrum – Roman Remnant
Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief
Brienne – Shaman of Concordia

Source: Indivual Hero Costume review

Cost to Ascend Costumes

Materials required to ascend costumes

What do hero costumes do?

Firstly, they give additional stats to your heroes (when the costume is fully ascended), &

Secondly they upgrade (or downgrade) their special skills.
See here for the full list of specials

Costumes give your hero versatility, for example Sonya –
If you are fighting Ares you want Sonya,
If you are against Gravemaker, you want Viking Champion

  • To use the costumes, you have to have the original hero that they are for.
  • You can only fully level the costumes when the “main hero” is fully leveled. (See here – Error Message when leveling a costume on an unleveled hero)
  • After getting the costumes, you have to spend resources (which you are already lacking, unless you are already a seasoned player) to level up these new costumes to gain the bonus effects
  • You have to ASCEND these costumes too, with all that rare materials and food!
  • These heroes with these spiffy new costumes are counted as ONE hero during alliance war, so even after spending all these resources leveling this hero, you would be better off leveling another hero to use for alliance war. (To increase bench depth)
  • These costumes cannot be used interchangeably – Costumes are “activated” when you get them across all duplicate heroes, but you need to level up each hero and each costume individually. If you have two Sonya’s you need to max level both Sonyas and both Viking Champion. – Screenshot here

Hero costume review:

  1. Don’t spend gems getting costumes – You are better off spending gems for new heroes in Challenge Events or Atlantis Summon
  2. If you are new to up level 40 – focus on levelling additional heroes for better depth (and fun) for alliance war
  3. Only level up these costumes when you already have a deep enough bench and could do with added versatility to your heroes.

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