Grimble Hero Review

Hero of the Month : Grimble Review

Empires and Puzzles HOTM Grimble

Stats – Defensive, above average
Class: Cleric
Resist: Blind – The Hero has an innate ability to resist status ailments that affect Accuracy. Doesn’t apply to status effects from allies.
Element: Dark/Purple
Special: Gnomish Carnage
Mana Speed : Average

  • Destroys all minions from all enemies.
  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies.
  • All allies get a small amount of mana for each destroyed minion.
  • Element Link gives all Dark allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Currently Empires and Puzzles has many heroes that summon minions. Minions are pesky little things that act as meat shields for the heroes, with some minions having special effects. (Queen of Hearts, Red Hood etc)
Minions can have anywhere from 200 to 500 hp each, and at 3 minions max.
*It will be interesting to see how Gnomish Carnage and Queen of Hearts interact.

Grimble on Offense

A niche role in targeting teams that have a minion heavy composition, otherwise, his effect is minimal, damage is minimal and doesn’t do much. However, when the conditions for his special to be really good (when 2 or more heroes have 3 minions), he can easily be hitting for 1000 damage.

That said, in situations like these where you’re facing some serious minion problems already goes to show that you are “losing” the raid, probably because of unlucky tiles, with your opponents heroes firing their special skills multiple times.

In such a situation, it is already highly unlikely that Grimble is able to turn the tides around.

Basically, the best case scenario for Grimble is already the worst case scenario for you.

Grimble in Defense

On defence, he can be easily played around (by not bringing any heroes that have minions)

Grimble against Titans


Overall: Just terrible.

Grimble Hero Rating:

Offence – C
Defence – C
Titan – C
Overall C

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7 thoughts on “Grimble Hero Review

  1. Grimble stood well against RRH and Puss in the challenge event final legendary stage. He struggled a bit on the very final level, but he was only at 3/21 and not maxed. I’m guessing that when maxed his strong defence and special combined will see him sweeping a lot of minions away. There’s also some who believe a minion meta is in the way …? But even if there isn’t, he will be a help against QoH, Delilah, Inari, RRH ETC I also use his miultie attack with another Beatles multiple atta k & it’s very effective. Grimm 🙂

    1. You are correct in the sense that E&P seems to be moving more towards a minion heavy meta. I do not deny that. My issue with Grimble is that when there are no minions around, his special is really terrible. That makes him especially specialized – you will only use him when facing minion heavy teams on offense. And currently, that’s not often enough.

      Furthermore, having many enemy minions also means that your opponents have activated their specials quite a few times – which means you could already have a few dead heroes and so on…

  2. Grumble is good for the monster quest as his average speed and ability to hit all enemies can help you mow through people. He is also excellent for the Christmas challenge and against Red Hood.

  3. I agree Grimble is one of the true niche heroes, but I wouldnt rate him as low as you have. True, if you had a horribe tile board and Telluria or Delilah or whomever have already fired twice you are probably dead anyway, but we ALL have beaten defense teams with 300 or 400 power above us because we got awesome tiles, and we all have lost to people 300 below us where we wanted to throw the phone at the wall because the tiles absolutely would not help and we should have won! How dare those tiles?!?!

    I have tried Grimble as a Telluria solution. Not perfect by any means, he wipes all but her minions out which is good, and if she had shot twice or god forbid 3x he charges mana for the gang, though by that point how much gang is left? BUT, that scenario isnt as common as it seems. He wipes out all but Tellys minions before wave 3 happens almost always and charges mana. Where he really is useful are on teams with minions that are just meat shields blocking your snipers from 1 shotting. He definitely has uses there. Id make him a b- overall, and against minion teams a b+. His stats are decent on defense, and he makes a decent hit on all enemies.

    Definitely a hero that has a place in the garage, not usually gonna be on team 1 or 2 or 3, but in wars, usually see at least 1 or 2 riposte heroes that I save Hatter for, and for the 1 or 2 minion heroes in a battle, and Grimble has a place there as a break glass in case of hero.

    ALTHOUGH, the creepy Goat sounds are very Deliverance-ey.

    So that qualifies as a bad thing

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