Neith – Hero Review

Hero of the Month : Neith

Stats – Balanced, average.
Special: Sickle of Eradication
Mana Speed : Average
Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
Reduces the mana of all enemies by 10%.
All enemies get -35% accuracy for 4 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.
Element link mana 4%

The most similar hero in this mix is definitely Justice. If we were to compare her directly with Justice, Neith definitely loses out in terms of defensive stats, but in return makes it up with her mana speed.

Reduction of mana effect can also be quite useful here on defense as it makes it more difficult for the opponents to fire their specials. However its’ effect is negligible in offense.

The better stats and mana speed make Neith more viable in offensive roles than Justice.

Still not good enough for the ascension materials though.

Hero rating:
Offence – B
Defence – B
Titan – C
Overall B

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