Sif Hero Review


Attack: 788
Defense: 716
HP: 1306

Class: Rogue
Realm: Midgard
Element: Holy/Yellow

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skill: Gold Weaver

Empires and Puzzles Hero Sif
  • The caster and nearby allies counterattack with 100% of the damage received for 4 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies reduce all received damage by 50% for 4 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns.

Sif Hero Review:

Sif deals the counter attack damage first before the defensive buff is applied.

That being said, counterattack buffs are a passive aggressive special – it waits for something to be done to you before anything is done to the opponent. This means that

  1. Opponents have to target your heroes with special skills
  2. Opponents can avoid the buffs by not sending tiles in that direction
  3. Opponents can wait to trigger their special skills (heals and debuff e.g. Sabina / Melendor) after Sif has fired.

Sif in Offensive raids

Unusable. Just like how Cyprian and Boril make terrible heroes for offensive raids.

The reason being – Sif’s special does not reflect any damage until special skills or many attacks target sif and her allies. With the poor targetting on the AI system on defense teams, any damage that you consider is hard to predict and hard to account for.

The same applies for the defense reduction buffs that Sif applies.

The only upside is the mana generation buff – which many other heroes provide.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Sif in Defense

Unlikely to see Sif in much defensive positions because counterattack buffs are very passive buffs that are not favored in the current meta of defensive heroes.

This is the reason why in spite of being the tankiest hero in the game, Boss Wolf does not see much play as tank or flank.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Sif against Titans

Potentially as a Tile damage hero.

Counter attacks also have some space in Titan teams as it helps with dealing damage to titans (As titans’s skills are always AOE)

Guide to Titan Fights

Sif Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – C
Defence Wing – C
Defence Flank – B
Defence Tank – B
Titan – C
Tournaments Bloody Battle – A
Tournaments Rush Attack – A
Tournaments Buff Booster – A+
Overall B-

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11 thoughts on “Sif Hero Review

  1. “Counterattack buff with damage reduction buffs, or spirit links is poor synergy.

    Having a damage reduction buff reduces the damage you deal to your enemies via counterattack buff. This reduces the downside that your opponents have when they attack you while you have a counterattack buff active.”

    Special attacks are completed in the order listed, so for Sif’s the counter attack of 100% damage would occur first and then the damage reduction of 50% would occur, therefor everything stated in this review is inaccurate. Proof of concept, look at Kageburado. His special lists dispel before damage which means he can attack those with counter attack up no problem since he dispels before damaging.

    1. You are right that special attacks are completed in the order listed. So Sif will indeed cast these buffs in those order.

      In this case though, how do buffs stack? Which buff takes precedence over which? For example, Spirit Link + Counter attack buff does not take into account which buff was casted first. Neither does Defense increase buff & Counter attack buff.

      In this case – what exactly happens is all buffs/debuffs that affect the amount of damage that would be dealt to Sif and Nearby Allies will FIRST be calculated. Afterwhich, the final damage that these heroes receive will be dealt as counterattack damage.

      In the current Empires and Puzzles calculations, this is correct. They might, or might not make any changes to the way Sif’s counterattack is made. As of now, patch notes do not include any mention of such changes in damage calculations.

  2. Fully tested, Sif and nearby counter full and take half. If you’re going to do a review please know the facts. Was really looking for some insight on whether I should ascend. Nothing useful here.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on that mistake. Will change it.

      However, that does not change the fact that I don’t view her as a strong enough hero to be worth my ascension mats.

      1. It’s still wrong…. You really should correct it. Not sure what relevance it has whether you view her as a strong hero or not. Fact is, your assessment that dmg reduction and counter have ‘poor synergy’ means you don’t understand the game mechanics and although it has been explained to you no less than twice now, you still haven’t corrected it…..

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