Empires and Puzzles Black Knight

Black Knight

Empire and Puzzles Knights of Avalon Black Knight

Stats – Heavily Defensive, above average
Special: Just a flesh wound
Speed: Average (10 tiles)
The caster has a 50% chance to drop any received damage to 1 for 3 turns.
The caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using special skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns.
All allies get +45% attack and a further 20% increase everytime they are hit for 3 turns.

Very interesting special, works much better than having a minion as taunt. The effects of the special are very synergistic and work very well in offence and defence. His taunt ability also prevents dispel on affecting his allies. Which makes a double dispel against him necessary when fighting Black Knight paired with Aegir.

Black Knight on Offense

His Taunt ability is very useful in drawing fire from enemies, allowing you to charge up mana for your other heroes.

Combined with his high defense and HP, The Black Knight will be able to “tank” 2-3 special skills at the minimum before dying, giving your ample opportunity to charge up your specials on other heroes.

Therefore, in order to use The Black Knight efficiently, timing his special right before enemies’ special is crucial.

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Black Knight in Defense

The Black Knight can be placed in a Tank or Flank position. His high defensive stats help to maximize the chances that he will likely be able to get his special going before dying.

In Flank position, he can support the tank by preventing your enemies from sniping the tank.

Although he can be played around by “waiting” for the buff duration to be over, it can be a very risky strategy for the attacker, as the attacker would have to survive a few hits from the berserker buffed heroes.

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Black Knight VS Titans

Against Titans, Black Knight is so-so. He does not have the tile damage, but he can provide an attack increase boost buff to 3 allies. The other benefit is that the titan’s special will only hit Black Knight.

However, when all is said and done, Boldtusk far outshines The Black Knight against titans, providing a comparable Attack boost to all your teammates, without having to be damaged by the titan.

Boldtusk’s buff also negates Nature Titan’s special effect.

Guide to Titan Fights

Black Knight Hero Grading

Offence – A
Defence Wing – B
Defence Flank – A
Defence Tank – A+
Titan – A
Tournaments Bloody Battle – A
Tournaments Rush Attack – A
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Overall A+

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