Empires and Puzzles – Tyr


Attack: 760
Defense: 756
HP: 1312

Class: Fighter
Realm: Helheim
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Fast

Special Skill: Adamantite Claw

Empires and Puzzles Hero Tyr
  • Deals 285% damage to the target.
  • The attack has a 60% chance to bypass all defensive buffs. This includes counterattacks.
  • The target receives 196 Bleed damage over 4 turns. This effect stacks with similar effects.
  • The caster regenerates 548 HP over 4 turns.
  • If the caster dies during the next 4 turns they are resurrected in the beginning of the next turn with 32% health. All status effects are removed when the caster dies.

Tyr Hero Review:

Tyr feels very similar to Elkanen – Dealing an amount of damage and providing a self-heal. In further comparison, you will also notice that Tyr has a significantly lower damage output, but makes up for it with a self-resurrection buff.

This puts Tyr’s special skewed more towards the defensive side. Coupled with his self-revive fighter talent, he can be quite annoying to deal with.

Tyr’s resurrection is considered a buff and can be dispelled.

Tyr Realm also causes damage on death – This can make it rather potent if he has a full family on the defense team. Definitely something worth considering when placing him in the defense team.

Tyr in Offensive raids

Tyr is awkward in Offensive raids – he does not have enough damage output, he does not help the rest of your team survive longer if you have poor boards.

Despite that, Tyr himself has high durability and could come in handy as the last man standing to help you win your raids.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Tyr in Defense

Tyr’s more defensive special allows him to take up tank/flank position by making it more difficult for your opponents to reach the wing positions.

However, Tyr’s stats are more balanced, instead of having high defense and hp.

Tyr also lacks buffs for your allies (e.g. attack increase so that your team can kill the opponent faster while Tyr soaks up the damage), or debuffs on the enemies.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Tyr against Titans

Tyr has high survivability against titans, but lack any form of damage output or buffs for your allies to increase your overall damage output.

Still, Tyr can be used for tile damage if you have a lack of other suitable heroes

Guide to Titan Fights

Tyr Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – B
Defence Wing – B
Defence Flank – B
Defence Tank – B
Titan – B
Tournaments Bloody Battle – C
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – A+
Overall B

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7 thoughts on “Empires and Puzzles – Tyr

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Anchor has TYR’s grading at A, not A+…

      It’s just a matter of perspective and playstyle.

      Tyr is good because he can really win you an offensive raids in a close battle – timely use of his revive and heal over time. Especially in situations when he’s the last man standing.

      And I can agree with that.

      Ultimately, it depends on and your playstyle!

  1. Tyr’s Warrior talent resurrect is apparently bugged so that, once he triggers his ability once, the talent resurrect will not work – for the rest of the fight. At least when attacking.

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