September 2019 New Heroes

Empire and Puzzles Hero reviews!

From Knights of Avalon:

Lady of the Lake

Stats – Balanced, Above average.
Special: Magical Sword
Speed : Slow
Recovers 42% health for all allies.
Summons a Magical Sword Minion for the caster and nearby allies with 14% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caster.
The minion removes 10% mana from the target when it hits them

Mana control is always awesome. Being able to prevent heroes from firing their special skill + strong defensive abilities is what made Guinevere such a monster in the tank position.
However, Guinevere special is average speed and affects all enemies & her heal over time heals similar to how much Lady of the Lake is able to heal.
The upside is that the minions mana drain can be a recurring effect, provided that your targets are not able to kill your minions quickly enough.

My judgement:
Offence – B
Defence – C
Titan – B

Overall B-.

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The Black Knight

Stats – Heavily Defensive, above average
Special: Just a flesh wound
Speed: Average
The caster has a 50% chance to drop any received damage to 1 for 3 turns.
The caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using special skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns.
All allies get +45% attack and a further 20% increase everytime they are hit for 3 turns.

Very interesting special, works much better than having a minion as taunt. The effects of the special are very synergistic and work very well in offence and defence. His taunt ability also prevents dispel on affecting his allies. Which makes a double dispel against him necessary when fighting Black Knight paired with Aegir.

My judgement:
Offence – B
Defence – A
Titan – B

Overall B.

Additional Review of Black Knight

The Black Knight – Review


Long story short – A superb 3* hero to have.
Average speed mana reduction + Mana generation. Works way better than Li Xiu and Friar Tuck combined.

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Hotm (Hero of the Month)


Stats – Defensive, Above average
Special: Mending Mantra
Speed: Very Fast
Recovers 15% health for all allies
All allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turn
Element Link 4% mana

Boldtusk is better than Grazul in many situations. However when faced with opponents that have troublesome status effects like Onatel, or Alice, or Justice, Grazul can be very effective in preventing these “Cannot be dispelled” status ailments from affecting your heroes.

My Judgement
Offence : B
Defence : B
Titan : C
Overall: B

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