Empires and Puzzles Malosi

*Updated on 1-April-2020 to final version (including new image)

Malosi – April 2020 HotM

Attack: 743
Defense: 729
HP: 1303

Class: Barbarian
Resist Defense reduction – The hero has an innate ability to resist status ailments that affect Defense. Doesn’t apply to status ailments affecting Elemental Defense.
Element: Holy/Yellow

Mana Speed: Very Fast (6.5 Tiles)

Special Skill: Power Punch

Empires and Puzzles Malosi
  • Deals 300% damage to the target.
  • The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns.
  • Element Link gives all Holy allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Malosi Hero Review:

Malosi real power lies in his ability to silence troublesome effects from casting buffs and debuffs, not on his damage. (In comparison to other fast heroes 300% damage is significantly lower)

What Malosi does is to prevent status effects from taking place – i.e. If Kunchen fires his special skill with Malosi’s debuff happen – Defense decrease debuff will not be applied, heal is applied, Elemental link is not applied, and lastly, the cleanse will be applied to remove Malosi’s debuff.

Dispel, Cleanse, Heal and Direct Mana Removal are instant effects, so they will not be affected, as well as dealing damage.

Malosi in Offensive raids

There are certain heroes that rely on buffs and debuffs as their strength. Examples of which are – Aegir, Kunchen, Telluria, Jean Francois, Hel etc.

Such heroes almost always form the basis of a troublesome defense team. Being able to stop such buffs and debuffs from taking effect, in addition to the cleanse and dispel heroes that you bring to the battle can really help in your raids.

Overall this makes Malosi a very versatile hero in the sense that you can bring him to almost every raid as he will almost always be useful. (Unless you are facing a team comprising of 5 snipers.)

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Malosi in Defense

Malosi in Defense is quite lacking, the poor A.I. targeting makes one of his strongest effect negligible.

On his own, Malosi is not good enough to be considered as a sniper.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Malosi against Titans

Against Dark titans, you will be able to stop the poison effect from taking place, and the critical buff against rare titans.

Poison damage over time can easily be resolved by bringing antidotes which are cheap and easy to produce.

Stopping critical buff from being applied can be quite significant for rare titans as a critical hit from a titan can easily One hit ko any hero.

The Critical buff from Malosi’s elemental link can add a bit of damage to your overall titan damage.

Overall, Malosi is not a must have vs titan, more of a good to have.

Guide to Titan Fights

Malosi Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – A+
Defence Wing – B
Defence Flank – B
Defence Tank – C
Titan – B
Tournaments Bloody Battle – A+
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – A+
Overall B

22 thoughts on “Empires and Puzzles Malosi

  1. Very fast heroes in theory cant be bad(Dont say the M word, we will pretend Margaret never happeed, especially those of us who levelled her). The fact they made a holy special blocker is kinda overdue, but it seems as the years have passed they are moving away from having certain colors leaning towards certain ability styles, and and away from others entirely (Note Sif last month being our 1st yellow riposter). That said, the fact that Malosi solves the OP issue from beta by dropping attack down to 300 still doesnt offset the problem Id have wanting to use him. Hes really, situational because he only blocks effects that are over time. Instant effects are half the battle. Hes a boxer with lightning fast hands, but no knockout punch against half the specials he faces. Proteus/Hel accomplish the 3 turn block of specials by freezing mana gain, but for those 3 turns you have no fear from the 3 heroes affected, nor that they will shoot the 1st turn after (unless they were 1 tile from shooting when you hit them). His target can still heal their team(immediate heal), still shoot back with sniper kill shots, continue gaining mana to be ready to shoot when special ends…and he only hits 1. Hes Alchohol Free Hel. I like that hes yellow but I still prefer the Long Island Iced tea version of a special stopper. Yes, he will have use on offense, especially for people who had no mana blocking 5s (Hel, Leo, etc). But I find him to be the latest Niche hero, which is making the game more balanced in ways, but its problematic because in order to play hero chess and swap per battle, you need all the pieces fully levelled to be ready for any opponent. 2 years ago, 30 hero power users were common. The new hero designs will make 100 hero teams necessary to climb to the top, and make it very hard to stay there. Not the past 3 months. Heroes over 3500 were on the big board. 3 months later, 3600 isnt even top 500 anymore.

    1. Although now Ive watched him a bit, along with some of the other niche heroes, Im starting to feel him a bit, Very fast is mostly a defensive skill much more than fast. Very fast defenders can often shoot 3x before the attacker fires once, hence the amazing love level shown to heroes like Gravemaker or Kage on efensive teams(GM still, Kage for a strong year). So on DEFENSE, what does Mal do? He blocks 1/2 your abilities, but not the instant ones, and he hits medium but very fast (1 tile string better than a fast). Is that good enough to bump someone? Yes and no, its better than a few (No, no M word!), but there are other Holy heroes he might bump but might not. Heroes that hit only 1 and add a special skill depend strongly on aim. So they are MUCH MUCH better on offense than defensel Heroes that do 3 packs or all are more useful on defense because the AI never seems to pick the right hero to kill while its charged, leading to its own demise. So while you could make use, defense will never be his thing. But having been attacked by him a few times now, and watching a couple of vids with him, his offense is really quite OK. Yeah, kage hit 450 IF you were max health. But half the battle he was 225 which really isnt effective closing out heroes with 700+ defense. The extra 75 points on Malosi DOES help. Hes a better closer than Kage, even if he doesnt have the 100mph fasball in the 1st 3 inninings like Kage. At closing time, the ability to shut down heal over time, shut down defense and offense buffs, yeah, its not as awesome as HEL (Few heroes are!) but hes still got some serious use. Especially because heal over time has taken over,(OK, mostly its costume melendor who is inda used now that hes been steroided up by his new suit, but hey, hes out there!). The ability to stop anh healer is a death sentence for many players. Of even if its just stopping 1 of 2 (and Mal is very fast, so not hard to see him doing it over and over till healer dies never having shot!).
      Hes more flexible than I give hi credit for, albeit situational. Against over-time or team buffer heroes, he will be a savage.
      And that, its probably enough reason to give him some materials.

      1. Yup! Malosi is worth the materials because of his abilities in offensive raids.

        Little correction there: He cannot shut down healers – he can stop their buffs/debuffs. However, he cannot stop the heal or damage. (Heal over time counts as a buff, like in buff boosters, and hence that’s why malosi is so awesome against Telluria.)

  2. He has an advantage of sorts over delayed mana or delayed casting, as his special will still allow the enemy to fire, draining their mana back to 0, but without the unwanted effects. The delays still allow the unwanted effects to take place once they end. This makes a big difference with slow heroes like Kunchen who have to start over gathering mana and take many turns to fill back up again.

    1. Hmm with kunchen, the heal takes place – only element link and defense reduction is not affected.

      Malosi fully negates Telluria’s special tho… only allowing the minions to be summoned.

      1. Malosi is one of the best (if not THE best) anti-TGV heroes out there. In the meta that depends on hots+dots+buffs+debuffs, Malosi will always have a strong place in offense to dissolve such defensive formations. Whenever I see a buffer/debuffer/riposter on tank, I bring in Malosi and he abuses them and makes them completely useless. You understand it when you see the tank firing the special and wasting mana on casting nothing.

        1. Not her Damage, but what he DOES do is negate Telluria’s mana slowdown of the attacker. which is her primary reason for existing as the games recent Tank of choice. She makes the attacker heroes need 1-2 additional turns before they can fire a special. If she has Vela launching 1, and Gravemaker launching 2 specials before the attacker can fire any killshots…then its pretty much over. Malosi firing at Telluria doesnt do much to her directly. Middling 300 damage and she still casts minions and all that. But the slowdown can allow 1 or 2 attacker heroes to shoot 1 turn sooner. That makes all the difference many times.

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