Secret Hero – Myztero

Myztero – Tavern of Legends Secret hero

Attack: 772
Defense: 725
HP: 1332

Class: Rogue
Memorize Status Ailments: This hero has an innate ability to memorize status ailments. The latest 5 status ailments that are cast on the Hero will stay memorized until the Special Skill is cast.
Element: Dark/Purple

Mana Speed: Very Fast (6.5 tiles)

Special Skill: Absordium Deflectors

Empires and Puzzles Secret Hero - Myztero 2
  • Deals 107% damage to all enemies.
  • All status ailments memorized by the innate ability are cast to all enemies.

Myztero Hero Review:

Myztero is the secret hero in the Tavern of Legends Summon. At a 0.1% chance of getting him, Myztero is 10 times harder to get than a Legendary Hero at the Tavern summons.

Even though Myztero is 10 times harder to get than any other Legendary hero, Myztero is obviously not 10 times better than any other legendary hero.

A few things to note about his innate ability – Memorize status Ailments.
Myztero’s innate ability does not grant him immunity to status ailments. He will still be afflicted by them, but he “remembers” them. And then returns these ailments to all your enemy heroes.

Myztero’s innate ability therefore does not grant him, nor his allies immunity against status ailments, or status ailment cleanse.

Therefore, this makes Myztero a much more offensive hero, instead of a defensive hero. And because the Myztero’s power is very much dependent on what heroes are being featured in most defense teams – grading of Myztero will have to be dependent on the current meta game.

Despite his Very fast speed and the ability to inflict a number of status ailments on enemy heroes, at 107% damage, it is a very small amount of damage.

Myztero in Offensive raids

Below is a chart showing which heroes have the highest usage in 2020 (first quarter)

Meta Game 2020 May
Meta game 2020

What you will notice is that there are quite a few debuffs that you will be able to work with when using Myztero in offensive raids.

The following status ailments are the probably the most common:

  • Burn Damage over Time (DoT) [Gravemaker]
  • Water DoT [Vela]
  • Mana Generation reduction [Telluria]
  • Blind [Drake Fong]
  • Defense Reduction [Finley]
  • Poison DoT [Jabberwock]
  • Attack Reduction [Kingston]

You will notice that Myztero will almost always be able to inflict some kind of status ailments on your opponents.

There is a drawback though – you require your team to be hit with the status ailments. This also means that your attack strategy also straddles between going war of attrition vs sniping out key heroes.

As an example – the most common team composition that you will face in attack is probably Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela.

If using Myztero, you will most likely use 2 healers with cleanse, say Vivica, Rigard, Zimthika even. When you factor this in – you will notice one problem. The heal over time provided by Telluria counters your Status ailments casted by Vela and Gravemaker. So without dispels and snipers, you will take a much longer time to take down the opposing team.

Ultimately, it depends on your playstyle – if you are familiar with such lines of play. Myztero will be awesome for you.

Personally, I favor a more sniper-ish team. When faced with a team like above – my go to choices of heroes are
Vivica, Seshat, Marjana, Kingston and Boldtusk. My strategy would be to snipe Telluria as quickly as possible. Of course, i am limited in the choices of heroes I have, it might not be the best composition – but it suits my playstyle.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Myztero in Defense

Myztero is simply too unreliable in defense, and can be played around easily, regardless of his positiong.

Furthermore, without any status ailments “memorized” Myztero is pretty much a dud. You could ignore him as he does not deal sufficient damage to be a real threat.

Given the most common Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela (GTV) composition, I highly doubt that Myztero would be able to find a place in the wings, much less than flanks.

Even if you do not have the GTV combo, there are many other heroes that fulfill the Flank and wings position much better than Myztero does.

Myztero is simply a no-no as a tank.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Myztero against Titans

Specifically against yellow titans, Myztero would reflect a blind status ailment. Which can be useful, apart from that a slightly higher tile damage..

Myztero does not do much against titans and will not have a significant impact on your titan fight.

You will still need antidotes.

Guide to Titan Fights

Myztero Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – C
Offence – A
Defence Tank – C
Defence Flank – C
Defence Wing – B
Defense Overall – C
Tournaments Rush Attack – C
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – B
Overall C

Overall, Myztero is an interesting design. I love the design behind it. However, the practicality of Myztero seems to be quite low…

Tavern of legends guide here

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  1. I was stoked i got him now not so much. Not sure I will waste the Mats on him now. Time will tell. Maybe a second Clarissa

  2. Hey I’d love to help with your project with empires and Puzzles. The guides are great and I’d love to donate some time to help. Do you have Line? Please send me an email back.

  3. You dont know nothing about the heroes. Myztero is one of the best heroes of the game. Sorry but in this case you are wrong

    1. Myztero.. although it’s really hard to say.
      My experience dealing with both is that neither gives me much trouble.

      I would recommend you wait and level up neither.

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