Empires and Puzzles Noor

Noor – July 2020 Hero of the month

Attack: 704
Defense: 782
HP: 1314

Class: Druid
Sparrow Summoner: Summons a Sparrow Minion for self when an enemy Summons any Minion by Special skill.
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Slow (12 tiles)

Special Skill: Sparrow Fury

Empires and Puzzles Noor
July 2020 HOTM Empires and Puzzles Noor
  • Summons a Sparrow minion for each allow. The Sparrow Minion inherits 25%Hp and 25% attack from the caster.
  • Before Sparrow Minion hits target, it destroys all Minions from the target.
  • Element Link gives all fire allies +30% defense against special skills for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Noor Hero Review:

At first glance Noor seems to be a really powerful and strong hero. Minions are easily 200-400hp each, and if a sparrow minion is able to take out 3 minions – that’s a lot of damage potential there.

There are also a ton of heroes that generate minions that are popular now. Delilah, Freya, Telluria, Seshat etc.

The downside to Noor is that when Telluria/Freya etc generates minions for defending/attacking team, only 1 Sparrow is summoned for Noor.

Minions attacks are also random. Minion’s attacks also take place AFTER special skills are trigger, and tile matches are made.

Lets break this down into different scenarios to see how it plays out.

Noor in Offensive raids

When attacking with Noor (into Telluria tank), it will be highly unlikely that Noor will play a significant role in helping you to win the raid.

When Telluria (in the tank position) triggers, only 1 minion is generated for Noor. Ideally, you will want to quickly take out tanks quickly (this is the reason why most people stack the color strong against the tanks in offensive raids).

In most of the situations, the tiles that you will have matched will be enough to take out the minion that Telluria has summoned, if not, by Special skill activation.

Even if you were not able to match tiles to deal enough damage to The minion on Telluria, the single Sparrow minion only has 20% chance to hit the specific target of your choice.

Versus Telluria’s special at average speed + mana generation reduction, it is also extremely likely that Telluria will be able to trigger twice before you are able to activate Noor’s special. And at that point of time, whereby the defending team has fired/about to fire their special skills, Noor’s ability to summon minions will not make much of a difference to the outcome of the fight.

Furthermore, the Anti Minion hero, Grimble, has not seen it’s grade/rating improve despite so many new heroes that feature minions being released into the game.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Noor in Defense

Noor does not fill any strategic role in defense.

Firstly, minion based attacking strategy is non-existent. Minions are really not important when planning an offensive raid. Not yet anyway.

Noor does not fit into a Damage dealer, sniper or support (that makes it easier to kill the attacking heroes, or harder for the attacking player to kill your heroes).

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Noor against Titans

No tile damage, no special skill that has a meaningful impact…

Guide to Titan Fights

Noor Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – C
Offence – C
Defence Tank – C
Defence Flank – C
Defence Wing – D
Defense Overall – C
Tournaments Rush Attack – A
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – C
Overall C

*i think this is the first that that I graded a Hero of the Month C.

8 thoughts on “Empires and Puzzles Noor

  1. ciao a tutti ,
    non può togliere i minion a telluria .. che è resistente alla rimozione , ma solo agli altri .

  2. And again i don’t think Noor special will be able to remove Telly’s minions as Telly has the ability to stop minions removal so i don’t think Noor is useful against Telly.

  3. “*I think this is the first that that I graded a Hero of the Month C.”

    Only because you weren’t rating when Margaret came out.

  4. And ratings are too kind. Everyone sticks to the overall A-C range. It’s not like they have feelings. C, by definition is average. This HOTM isn’t average. E&P will buff her one day.
    Overall grade: D

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