Awakening of Dragon

Last Updated 10 May, 2020

Introduction to the Awakening of Dragon

Awakening of Dragon is a new MMORPG from EFUN where you will be playing as Warrior, Mage, or Archer classes.

The game is avaliable on the Google play Store, or Apple App Store.

Awakening of Dragon (AoD) Facebook Page

Awakening of Dragon (AoD) Gameplay

Awakening of Dragon (AoD) is a classic Role playing game, with a storyline that no ones cares about.

The art work and animation is cool – the only drawback is that you don’t have option to zoom in or out for certain parts of the game (where you really wanna enjoy the graphics).

Otherwise, there is really nothing really special/unique about AoD.

AoD Gameplay Video 1

AoD Gameplay Video 2

AoD Gameplay Video 3

AoD – Playing to win, or paying to win?

Awakening of Dragon is a ViP system – the more diamonds you spend, the higher your ViP rewards (and benefits).

The in game system encourages you to make purchases daily for daily rewards, among other things.

Frankly speaking, this game is impossible without spending any money for in game purchases. The difference between a USD0 spend and USD10 spend is far too great.

Awakening of Dragon – Ultimate Game guide / Wiki

AoD Classes introduction – Archer

Awakening of Dragon Archer

Archer Skills –

Windy Illusion, Lightning of Terror, Kick of the hurricane, Rainfall of arrows

Awakened Skills:

Storm of Arrows, Return of Spring, Charged Blow

Talent skills:

Attack path: Thorny Seal, Fall of Stars

Defense path: Slashing Hurricane, Tornado’s Kick

General path: Rise of Pheonix, Joy of Spring.

AoD – Archer overall review

Overall the archer is a pretty resilient class – coming with self heal and plenty of movement related skills. It can be used to catch up with enemies, or dodge enemy skill shots.

This makes soloing bosses very easy.

The downside is that because archer is the most popular class, equipment for the archer can be significantly harder to get.

For Talents, we recommend the defensive talent for the archer.

The skills in the defensive talents are easier to play with and have better bonuses (heal on Slashing Hurricane, and immunity to damage on Tornado’s Kick)

AoD Classes introduction – Mage

Awakening of Dragon Mage

Mage Skills –

Ice Wind, Blow of Ice, Snowstorm of Ice, Thunder, Thunder Thrust

AoD – Mage overall review

Mage comes with quite a bit of Crowd Control skills – very useful in PVP.

The only issue with mages is that mages lack durability against boss fights. (Will cover more about boss fights in a later section)

AoD Classes introduction – Warrior

Awakening of Dragon Warrior 1

Warrior Skills –

Thunder, Slash of Wind, Slash of Earth, Dragon Attack, Slash of Moon

AoD – Warrior overall review

Warrior is pretty tanky with many durability skills. This allows it to win fights of attrition with bosses, allowing you fight with bosses stronger than you.

In PVP, they lack the damage and Crowd Control skills to be able to take down other players.

AoD – Getting stronger

The overall in game system is very intuitive, with plenty of guidance from the system.

Better equipment is automatically recommended and prompted by the system, areas where you have options to increase strength is highlighted with a little red dot.

There is essentially no way to make a mistake to getting stronger – maybe just a matter of efficiency difference.

You do not have to worry about enhancing or leveling the wrong mount / companion / wings / Divine Dragon / any equipment. All the stat bonuses is not dependent on which equipment/mount etc you equip.

There are certain aspects of the game that are less forgiving about your choices – i.e. you have to pay to reverse the chances, or purchase additional materials to re-roll.

Apart from that, as far as possible, complete all items under “Daily” & Trials

Complete all requirements under the Daily section.

Story Dungeon, Equipment Enhance (23) , Gift Flower (52), Purchase Stamina(10), Devil’s Crossing, Arena (130), Bounty Quset (185), The Bonemound (320), Divine Dragon Dungeon (90), Mounts Dungeon (120), Elite Dungeon (275), Goblin Hoard (160), Grimoire Dungeon (165), Wings Dungeon (195), Escort Quest (210), Relic (310), Codex Dungeon (360), Demonic Invasion, Treasure Vault

Group Gameplay – Dwarven Vault (150), Couple’s Trial (175), Elvish Holdfast( 420)

Boss gameplay – Solo Bosses (VIp4), World Bosses (70), Curselands (240), Apocalyptic Spellscape (350)

Limited Time activities (follow the schedule set in your game, under the category)


Fast Growth – Monster Kill exp +30% (power of light) (increase def requirements)

Scorn – PVE +15% (power of fire)

Dauntless – PvBoss + 15% (power of life, completing set items)

Honor – PVP dmg reduction +20% (Power of darkness – killing bosses)

Attack increase – PVE bns +15%, 10point attack every 3 levels (Power of ice – Top up $$)

Growth Increase – Elite + Story dungeon +30%

AoD – Pro tips / Guide to getting stronger faster

Ultimate guide to maximizing the returns from your spending and freebies in Awakening of Dragon.

1. Equipment

Awakening of Dragon Equipment

Firstly, You will want to focus on getting 3 star red equipment first. These equipment can be synthesized by using 3 x 2 star red equipment, which can be formed using 3 x 3 star orange equipment.

Secondly, there is no need to rush to higher tiers of equipment. Instead simply use the tier at which you are able to utilize the “Perfect Set Attribute” of your equipment. Set attributes give more power than equipment of higher tier.

Therefore, the tiers of equipment that you want to focus on are T7 (because it has the most reasonable requirements for set crystals), followed by T9 (because of the additional gem slot), followed by t11 (the final gem slot).

For Rings, Talisman & Necklace, it is recommended to stay T7 for a long time because it is very difficult to get the set crystals for these 3 items.

(I recommended exchanging the free points in Dragon Badge in the following priority – Perfect Accessory Set, Dragon Accessory equipment Chest & Common accessory set chest. ) The reason for this is that these materials are difficult/rare to farm for. (AKA almost impossible).

For Draconic Accessory (The bottom 3 item slots in at your equipment slot), these equipment can be obtained from events, or from farming in Demon lair (accessory chest) and Demonic Sea.

Divine and Draconic Equipment

These items are difficult to obtain if you are a free to play or cheap to play player.

You need 3 x 3 star red equipment and the relevant divine stone, or draconic def/attack stone to craft.

T7 to T9 Divine/Draconic equipment are relatively accessible, but T11 and up requires you to have many many many of those stones per equipment.

Similarly, your focus should be on T9 sets – because they are relatively more accessible to craft.

2. Monster Hunt

This section here is very important. It is the best place to get equipment and materials to get stronger. Be sure to complete this section everyday.

Demonic Invasion / Demon’s Lair

You get 3 chances every day. With additional chances if you purchase 420 gems and above (which gives you a potion to reset 1 fatigue).

Spawning Grounds

Awakening of Dragon Rank S Relic Chest

The only optional item in this list because it requires you to spend 200 Bound Diamonds to enter (if you do not meet the ViP requirement, which is the case for most players.)

The main loot in Spawning grounds is really the Rank S Relic Shard. This is the only want to get Rank S and above relics without spending $ to purchase.

I highly recommend entering in the night (after you have completed all your quests). That way you will be able to kill 1 to 2 rounds of the bosses, then you can sleep and afk at a boss of your choice, wake up and kill somemore, until 12nn when world boss comes around.

This way, you get the most out of your 200 bound diamonds for your entry.

(You can log out and login back to the spawning grounds, so you can do other stuff while waiting for the boss to respawn).

You can also use an emulator like Bluestack or Nox and Macro programs to move around while you are busy doing your own stuff.

Solo bosses

Solo boss is the best part of Monster hunt. The loots are awesome – some items cannot be acquired outside of Solo boss hunt. You will always want to spend the 120 bound diamonds to complete all available chances of Solo Bosses.

The downside is that solo bosses require you to be VIP4 (need to make at least 2 top ups).


Cursedland Awakening of Dragon

This is another important part of Monster Hunt. The free keys are difficult to acquire.. you will invariably have to spend bound Diamonds if you are entering multiple times a day (which I recommend).

Cursedlands is an important field for hunting set crystals. Set Crystals are essential to completing the Common/perfect/legendary set which gives a lot of power.

You will want to enter as many times as you can afford.

  • First entry: 1 pass / 60 BD
  • Second entry: 2 pass / 120 BD
  • Third entry: 3 pass / 180 BD
  • Fourth entry: 4 pass / 240 BD
  • Fifth entry: 5 pass / 300 BD
  • Sixth entry: 6 pass / 360 BD
  • Seventh entry: 7 pass / 420 BD
Route in Cursedlands

As you will be kicked out when you reach 100 points, some thought into planning is essential.

Each minute you spend will give you one point, bosses are either 20 points or 25 points. (Lich, Death knight, Butcher, Arisa are 20 points each, and the others are 25 points each). Each monster kill gives 1 point.

Ideally, you should be able to kill 4-5 bosses at a go.

As an example, you can choose to kill Lich, Death knight, Butcher, Arisa then Frost wyrm. Using this method, you should reach Frost Wyrm at about 92 points (giving you 7 minutes to kill frost Wyrm.)
*You should adjust the above combination based on your own strength and speed of killing.

When you have reached 100 points, you will have 30s before you are kicked out of the dungeon. You can quickly run to the mobs and kill 1 to 2 waves of mobs to get “Crystal Shards”. Every 10 crystal shards can be synthesized to 1 equipment crystal (Priority equipment crystal should be Accessory crystals or shoulder crystals).

*killing bosses in Cursedland gives you Spiritual Remains, which gives you a lot of power when the horcruxes (Grim God’s Phylactory) option opens up.

Apocalyptic Spellscape

This dungeon opens up at only level 350.

Chests in Apocalyptic Spellscape

You have 2 chances for Rare Chests & 10 chances for Regular Chests.

Rare chests are marked out in Red, areas for regular chest are marked out in orange.

Apocalyptic Spellscape Awakening of Dragon

World bosses

Awakening of Dragon World Boss

World bosses spawn at the following timings:

12 noon, 3pm, 6pm & 10pm.

Because you level up very quickly, the only meaningful accessory set to collect is T7 and above. Due to the fact that you need 3 pieces of Orange to combine to red 2 star, and 3 pieces of that to combine to red 3 star.

Compounded by the fact that accessory crystals are difficult to obtain, the meaningful boss to attend over and over again is the Sphinx boss at level 300, and Medusa at level 450 (t9), Altach level 550 (t11).

I recommend for you to attend as many times as it takes to achieve the full world bosses accessory chest (3 numbers).

Partying up with stronger members also gives you a better chance at getting the top damage loots.

Demon’s Lair event

Do note that some monsters in demon lair give 15 points.

If you are aiming for the ranking rewards (which you should – freebies are always good). Then you will want to take note of which bosses you should be aiming for. There is a big difference between 10 points and 15 points per kill.

Awakening of Dragon Demon Lair 15 points

Notice that the T9 big mouth has 15 points awarded per kill.

Awakening of Dragon Demon Lair Demon Hunt

Marriage system in AoD

You require the following:

6000 Mark of love (obtainable from couple trial) or 188 diamonds to purchase engagement ring (1 player)

199 diamonds to purchase proposal rings (both players) and

999 diamonds to book the wedding (1 player).

Overall, if you are spending $$ in AoD, the marriage system will definitely be worth your money.

This is because it opens up a lot of Accessories under the “Courtship” tab. This gives you a lot of potential to increase your power as you collect more “Cupid’s Arrow”

To get married:

  1. Reach intimacy level 3 with a friend of the opposite gender
  2. Go to the marriage tab – “potential targets” to engage will be listed there. Your partner needs to be online to accept the engagement.
  3. After completing certain tasks together, you will be required to give each other a proposal ring.
  4. After completing additional tasks, either player will have to book a wedding slot costing 999 Diamonds.
  5. Both players to attend the ceremony at the appointed time. (It’s super cheesy and lame. Very cringe worthy.)
  6. Done!

Divorce / breaking of engagement

Should either partner want to divorce/break engagement at any point of time, they should follow these steps.

  1. Marriage Tab
  2. My wedding
  3. Record
  4. The option to Break Engagement / Divorce will be at the bottom of the tab.

Couple Trial

When married, couples that do couple trial together get intimacy and double rewards when you answer the quizzes at the end correctly.

The trick to doing so is to always pick the odd one out. First by odd one out by type (e.g. Necklace, ring or earring). Next odd one out by color (pink or white).

Good luck!

Skills & Talents

Skills are relatively straight forward. Simply level them up whenever you get the chance. You have nothing else to do with the gold anyway.

Talents are split into defensive, attack and general talent trees. They are available to you once you reach level 300.

From level 300 to level 370, you will not be able to assign your talents to the T5 required talents. (T5 requires / refers to 5th awakening at level 370). Therefore it is the best chance for you to explore and understand the 2 new skills available in a specific talent tree.

All the 3 pathways are relatively balanced – its just a matter of playstyle and preference in the end.

Once you have completed the 5th Awakening, I highly recommend you to use the free reset and go as far as possible down ONE talent path.

This will give you the most benefits.

Even if you chose not to, it is fine as well because if you play the game long enough, you will have all your talents maxed out anyway.

Divine Dragon Tower

Every 4th level is harder (40,44,48) etc, so you will end up being stuck on 39, 43, etc.

The stage can be cleared with power lower than the recommended power.

The trick is to turn off auto mode – run to the boss and spam all your skills, after all your skills are on cool down, transform into the dragon mode.

This is because you can achieve the highest burst damage with your skills.

It’s important because you receive daily glyph chests based on the level you have cleared (as well as other rewards that give glyph chests)

Awakening of Dragon – Events

There are a few major types of events.

Vault event (every monday, 24 hours)

Rewards you for very vault that you open.

It is my recommendation that you hoard your vault keys until you reach at least 80 vaults keys to receive a decent reward when you use your keys.

Demonic sea

Awakening of Dragon Demonic Sea

This is the cheapest way to get T7 3 Star Draconic accessory selection box. You will want to hoard all your Pearls on the first day. (at least 700 pearls).

Then rush straight to Floor 9 on the 2nd entry – go straight for Baal. He’s the one with the good loots.

Keep the pearls as well. They will not be deleted and can be used the next time Demonic sea comes around.

Other events (roulette wheels, maze etc)

If you are spending $, it is wise to buy the lowest minimum rewards, for the consecutive days. (e.g. 80, 420 & 1810). Doing so will maximize your rewards for spending.

Also, do take note of the requirements for each event and the “time remaining”. If the rewards is refreshed daily, you can hold off your free spins/rolls from daily quests until the last day. This way you can achieve the rewards tiers with the least amount of $ spend.

Awakening of Dragon – Mounts, Relics, Companions & Wings

There are plenty of Mounts, Wings and Relics, but few companions.

If an event gives you companions you should prioritize those events as much as possible, and spend within your means.

Also, make sure to buy Bestial Fruits, Magical fruits, Celestial Crystal and Holy Soul Stone everyday once they are available to you. This is because these items are used to “Transcend” every 10 levels.

These items are difficult to farm for, but they give a lot of additional power and additional avenues to level up your companions etc.

PVP/ Guild fights in Awakening of Dragon

PVP battles like Dragon Hoard, Arena, 1vs1, Eternal battle, last one standing are pretty straight forward. There’s not much trick to them.

The ones that are a bit tricky and require strategy are the ones that happen on Sunday evenings – Guild Dominion & Dragon Conquest.

Dragon Conquest – Awakening of Dragon

Awakening of Dragon Dragon Conquest

The “win condition” for dragon conquest is to be in control of the “towers” that are in the map when the timer is up.

When the battle starts, all guilds will proceed to attack the “Towers”. The guild that lands the last hit will have the tower belong to them. Opposing guilds will be able to attack the tower while the owner of the tower will defend their tower.

For territory level 1, there is only 1 tower.

Territory level 2 there are 3 towers.

If you are already the owner of a territory and attack another territory, you will have the option of defending your own territory and attacking the other territory. If both are successful, your guild will be owner of the higher level territory.

In such a battle, the Guild with the strongest player(s) will have an advantage. Because there are only a few objectives, the strongest players will easily be able to control each objective on their own.

At the end of the day, the winning guild is the one whereby members have the most situational awareness – to avoid the strong players and to sneak in hits on their tower.

Of course if the difference is overwhelming then nothing can be done about it.

Guild Dominion – Awakening of Dragon

The first guild to reach 100,000 points win.

Points can be obtained by killing enemy guild members & by controlling the flags.

Each flags give points at set times throughout the battle.

The winning strategy here is to have as many active members as possible. Avoid the stronger players and get control of the flags to win.

It is possible to win with more people than with 1-2 strong players.

Conclusion – Awakening of Dragon

Alright! That finally concludes my game guide for Awakening of Dragon! Good luck & have fun!

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