Empires and Puzzles – Bera

Season 3 / Valhalla Hero – Bera

Attack: 743
Defense: 749
HP: 1369

Class: Monk
Family: Vanaheim
Element: Dark/Purple

Mana Speed: Fast (8 tiles)

Special Skill: Fluttering Twilight

  • Summons a Moth Minion for each ally. The Fish Minion inherits 20% HP and 20% attack from the caster.

Each hit from a Moth Minon gives the target the following status ailments:

  • The target receives 180 water damage over 3 turns.
  • The target can’t receive new Minions for 3 turns.

Bera Hero Review:

Firstly Bera’s effect is very similar to Freya. Bera’s special can act as a minor heal (that is effective in Tournaments), and can deal a significant amount of damage.

At Talent 20 (Attack path), Bera’s minions will inflict 206 Water DoT. Including a level 30 mana troop – 312 Water Dot. (I might be slightly off with these numbers)

(For comparison, Vela does 357 Dot over4 turns.)

Now with these numbers, lets see how they work out.

The most common situations will be when your whole team of minions are able to hit 3-4 targets on the enemy team on the first activation of Bera’s Special.

This makes Bera’s Minions especially potent compared to other minion types.

*Confirmed that troops & talents will affect the final Damage over time inflicted by minions. (Tested with Kvasir). Further confirmed that the Damage over time does not stack. Each new hit by a minion will extend the duration instead.

Bera in Offensive raids

Bera can do quite well in an attacking team as a support/damage dealer role, somewhat similar to Kunchen. The fast heal (in the form of minions, about 260 to 300 hp per minion) along with the DoT.

However, you will have to also be aware that subsequent activation of her special has a diminishing return, in the sense that additional DoT cannot stack.

Individually, Bera will not be able to really take out the enemy team on her own, or provide strategic depth in your fights. Bera can soften the enemy team to allow your other damage dealers to deal the finishing blow.

Also, do note that Bera’s value significantly drops when facing defensive teams that feature Status ailment cures. You will want to avoid using Bera when facing teams with Zimthika, Rigard, Kunchen etc.

Overall, Bera has quite some damage potential, with some fast heals. Lacks in synergy with most other heroes, but decent enough on her own.

Bera will do very well in tournament bloody battle, as players will often not bring healers (and therefore status ailment cures) to the fight.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Bera in Defense

Bera does not do well enough as tank as Bera lacks durability and does not significantly slow down the attacking team.

Bera also does not fit well into the Wing position because of the lack of a “finishing blow”. And when Bera finally gets to activate, your defensive team might already have dead heroes and Bera will not be able to use her special to the full potential.

Bera fits the Flank position (left or right is fine). Bera would act as a decent support for your tank hero + soften up the attacking team for your wings to take them down.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Bera against Titans

Bera is definitely extremely poor against titans.

Lack of tile damage, lack of synergy, and DoT effect being unable to stack.

Guide to Titan Fights

Bera Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – C
Offence – A
Defence Tank – B
Defence Flank – A
Defence Wing – C
Defense Overall – B
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – A
Overall B

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