Challenge Events: Scoring guide

Strategies and tips for getting to the high score leaderboards.

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Beginner’s Strategy Guide to Challenge events

Hero Selection general guide

You will want to have heroes that have
1. Defense reduction
2. Attack up buff
High attack stats and have specials that are able to hit 3 targets at once (for the last few boss stages)

Refer to here(placemaker for future guide) for hero choices

Item selection guide

Rare: Arrow attack, Axe attack, Small Mana Potion, Mana potion
Epic: Axe attack, Bomb attack, Small Mana potion, Mana Potion
Legendary: Bomb Attack, Dragon attack, Tornado, Mana Potion or Super mana potion

Understanding the scoring System

Scoring System for Challenge Event: Fables of Grimforest

As you can see, the scores are divided into a Enemies Defeated, Time Bonus, Match Bonus, Health Bonus and Suspicious Chest

Enemies Defeated is a constant score for that particular stage.
Time Bonus is how quickly you finish the stage.
Match Bonus is based on the average number of combos within that round
Health Bonus is how much total health your heroes end with
Each Suspicious chest you defeat will reward you with 5000 points and 1 challenge coin.

The Strategy

Now that we know how points are scored, here comes the strategy.

The score that you really want to focus on is the match bonus score. As the score is based on the total combos divided by the total number of moves, you will want to be able to match at least 7 combos on the first move to really get a good score.

Getting this part down is already going to drain plenty of world energy. Typically most players run from the battle if they are unable to average 7 combos in the first move.

However, with the onset of challenge coins, it is viable to simply complete the stage to farm coins.

Any remaining monsters in wave 1 and wave 2 will be killed off with your damage items, and the boss will be taken out with mana potions and your heroes special.

The final result will be 1 move with 7 combos, close to full health on your heroes and a timer within 1 minute.

As you progress to the more difficult stages where it is no longer as viable to take down wave 1 and wave 2 with damage items, it becomes a requirement to full clear wave 1 with a full cascade of high combos. This is where it drains the most World Energy. (It is not necessary to fulfil this requirement if you are not fighting for a top 10 placement.) Finishing the stage with a high average combo would be able to put you in placement for the ascension items (for rare and epic)

For legendary stages, Tornadoes will be your life saver as it allows you to shift the boards to your favour and gives the most mana/item. plus using a tornado would also not give the turn to enemy heroes to fire off their troublesome specials. Tornadoes also rack up combos without taking a turn.

** Do note that suspicious chests will begin as shielded. They are unshielded when you take exactly two moves. You will only be able to kill them when they are unshielded, even with items.

Overall, this is what an actual stage will look like.
1. Enter the stage, pick a move and hope it cascades into 5-10 combos.
2. Use arrows, axes, and one or two hero skills to clear the remaining waves
3. At the boss stage, fire off all your heroes specials, use up all your damage items, and recharge your hero mana to full over and over again to kill the remaining enemies. At this point you do not want to make any additional moves if possible.

You can watch this video for a visual guide on scoring

Preparation starts BEFORE the actual challenge event

Going for the high score is very painful on items and flask wise.

So best you get prepared ahead of time. If you are not ready for this challenge event, start preparation for next month’s challenge event.

You will really want to be able to hit top 1000 for the Rare category and top 500 for the epic category. Top 1000 for legendary category will also net you 3 epic hero tokens which are very important for free to play..

You will need these quantities for the following stages
Rare: 75-100 Arrow Attacks, 75-100 Axe attacks, 75-100 Small Mana potions, 30-50 Mana Potions
Epic: 75- 100 Axe attacks, 75-100 Bomb Attacks, 75-100 Small Mana potions, 50-80 Mana potions
Legendary: 75-100 Bomb attacks, 75-100 Dragon attacks, 50-80 Tornadoes and 50-80 Mana potion or Super mana potions in total.

Below are some of my scores for the previous challenge event. This will give you an estimate of how much you need to score for each category.

Good Luck, Have Fun. See you at the top of the leader board for future Challenge Events

Challenge Event scoring in action

Here’s a video of WeakTofu doing his Challenge event hit. You will notice that he resets the board multiple times and only going for the rest of the monsters after hitting 7 combos.

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