2020 Empires & Puzzles Seasonal event guide

The Empires and Puzzles Seasonal event just had a revamp in 2020 with fresh stages and new heroes!

Springvale 2020

All the latest information for Empires and Puzzles Springvale in the latest 2020 update here!

Springvale heroes & Hero Reviews

Springvale – Easter Family

All new and existing Springvale Heroes are now members of the Easter Family.

Families give bonuses for each unique Hero of the same Family in battle.

Bonus for 2/3 Heroes: +10%/+20% attack

Springvale Hero Summoning

Springvale Hero summon rates

Classic Season 1 Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 56.8%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.0%

Seasonal Heroes

  • Rare Seasonal Hero: 14.2%
  • Epic Seasonal Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Seasonal Hero: 1.5%


Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Springvale summon cost
  • Single: Epic Hero Token or 300 Gems
  • 10x: 2600 Gems
Tips & Tricks for Cheap/Free 2 play.
Tip 1: Don’t use your gems for Springvale.

Springvale does not feature any top tier/must have heroes. You will be better off saving your gems for Atlantis Summons or Valhalla summons from the gems that you have saved.

Check out our guide on gem farming here.

Tip 2: Use your Epic Hero Tokens for Summons

Epic hero tokens can only use be used for regular summons, or the 4 seasonal events

  • Springvale,
  • Sand Empire
  • Return to Morlovia
  • Santa’s Challenge

So choose your seasonal event wisely. Hopefully it will be worth the wait for you.

Epic hero tokens are hard to get but there is a way to consistently get 6 Epic Hero Tokens every month.

Challenge events (Knights of Avalon, Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Fables of Wonderland & Guardians of Teltoc) give out Epic hero tokens for achieving a certain ranking.

  • Rare: Top 10,000 ( 1 EHT )
  • Epic: Top 5000 ( 2 EHT )
  • Legendary: Top 1000 ( 3 EHT )

Getting those scores is not difficult – read our guide here to find out how to achieve the high score for challenge events

Springvale Stages

Springvale – Easy

StageFlagsRecommended TPRewards
13 9506x Clean Cloth
23 10006x Common Herbs
33 10508x Clean Cloth
43 11006x Crude Iron
53 11508x Common Herbs
63 12007x Large Bone
73 12506x Leather Strips
83 130010x Practice Sword
93 13503x Minor Healing Potion
104 1400Squire Wabbit Avatar, 1* Green Trainer Hero, 3x Minor Mana Potion, 8x Leather Strips
114 14502x Antidote, 7x Oil
124 150010x Practice Sword, 7x String
134 15502x Arrow Attack, 10x Clean Cloth
144 16004x Axe Attack, 10x Common Herbs
154 16501x Mana Potion, 10x Crude Iron
164 170010x Rugged Clothes, 9x Large Bone
174 17501x Axe Attack, 10x Leather Strips
185 18001x Potent Healing Potion, 13x Oil
195 18501x Mana Potion, 13x String
205 1900 Squire Chick Avatar, 1* Green Trainer, x1 Epic Troop Token, 10x Rugged Clothes

Springvale – Normal

StageFlagsRecommended TPRewards
16 19505x Crystal Shard
26 20005x Firestone
36 20506x Crypt Mushroom
46 21006x Crystal Shard
56 21506x Firestone
66 22003x Wooden Shield, 7x Metal Ores
76 22504x Axe Attack, x7 Potent Leaves
86 23001x Mana Potion, 7x Sunspire Feathers
96 23503x Leather Armor, 8x Metal Ores
107 2400 Jack O’Hare Avatar, 2* Green Trainer Hero, 1x Scabbard, 1x Axe Attack
117 24501x Potent Healing Potion, 8x Potent Leaves
127 25003x Wooden Shield, 8x Sunspire Feathers
137 25501x Mana Potion, 7x Crypt Mushroom
147 26002x Bomb Attack, 7x Crystal Shard
157 26503x Strong Rope, 7x Firestone
167 27002x Super Antidotes, 9x Metal Ores
177 27501x Dragon Banner, 9x Potent Leaves
188 28003x Leather Armor, 9x Sunspire Feathers
198 28501x Revive Scroll, 3x Fine Steel
208 2900Lady Woolerton Avatar, 3* Green Trainer, x1 Epic Hero Token, x1 Sturdy Shield

Springvale Stage – Advanced

StageFlagsRecommended TPRewards
19 29001x Super Antidotes, x5 Grimoire Dust
29 29503x Strong Rope, 3x Hardwood Lumber
39 30001x Dragon Banner, 3x Midnight Roots
49 30501x Revive Scroll, 2x Meteor Fragments
59 31003x Wooden Shield, 3x Dragon Bone
69 31501x Bomb Attack, 2x Orichalcum Nugget
79 32003x Leather Armor, 4x Fine Steel
89 3250 Master Lepus Avatar, 1x Dragon Banner, 5x Fine Steel
99 33007x Grimoire Dust, 1x Dragon Bone
1010 3400 3* Green Trainer, 1x Sturdy Shield, 3x Dagger
1110 3500 4x Barbarian Emblem, 1x Bomb Attack, 4x Hardwood Lumber
1210 3600 4x Cleric Emblem, 1x Super Antidote, 4x Midnight Roots
1310 3650 4x Druid Emblem, 1x Super Mana Potion, 6x Hardwood Lumber
1410 3700 4x Fighter Emblem, 1x Super Healing Potion, 6x Midnight Roots
1510 3750 Sir Roostley Avatar, 1x Epic Hero Token, 4x Monk Emblem
1610 3800 4x Paladin Emblem, 1x Revive Scroll, 3x Meteor Fragments
1710 3850 4x Ranger Emblem, 1x Timestop, 5x Dragon Bone
1811 3900 4x Rogue Emblem, 1x Tornado, 5x Meteor Fragment
1911 3950 4x Sorcerer Emblem, 1x Miracle Scroll, 4x Orichalcum Nugget
2011 4000 Killhare Avatar, 4* Green Trainer, 1x Mysterious Tonic, 4x Wizard Emblem

Springvale / Seasonal event tips & tricks

1. Hero Selection/criteria for Springvale

  1. Two healers (at least)
  2. Heroes that have mana reduction/mana stop/silence effects. (Chao, Lixiu, Bauchan, Proteus, Gretel, Hansel etc)
  3. Heroes that have attack increase buffs or defense reduction debuff special skills.
  4. Heroes that have high attack/high damage specials

2. Item Selection

As Seasonal events have no item restriction, you are not restricted to use the items listed here. You may bring Dragon Attacks for easy stages to make it too easy for yourself.

Easy: Axe attack, Arrow attack, Small mana Potion, Mana Potion
Normal: Bomb Attack, Axe attack, Mana Potion, Small mana potion
Advanced: Dragon Attack, Bomb Attack, Tornado, Axe attack

3. Begin the challenge event!

  1. Clear the first two waves of monsters without using any items*
  2. Leave 1 monster up in the second wave. Start by charging up all your heroes’ mana to maximum and to clear away useless tiles while absorbing hits from that one monster.
  3. Enter Boss wave with Full mana, full items and a good board
  4. Use all your damage items (Easy: 1500 damage, Normal: 2500 Damage, Advanced: 4500 Damage). These should already be enough to burst down most stages. Note: You can use these sparingly in the earlier stages if it is not necessary for you to use items to complete the stages.
  5. Use all your heroes special, use mana potions to charge up your heroes to fire again over and over again.
  6. You should be able to achieve enough burst damage to prevent the bosses from firing their troublesome specials (where most people have the most difficulty at)

*If you are unable to clear the first two waves without using any items, and heroes dying, you will need to build a better roster, or level up your heroes. This guide.. cannot help you achieve the impossible (like clearing advanced stage20 with unleveled heroes).

Hopefully this helps you get the important items and emblems at completion of the Seasonal event.

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