Empires and Puzzles Frigg

Season 3 / Valhalla Hero – Frigg

Attack: 753
Defense: 760
HP: 1320

Class: Rogue
Family: Alfheim
Element: Nature/Green

Mana Speed: Fast (8 tiles)

Special Skill: Brittling Force

I love the art work of Frigg.
  • Deals 100% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 18% damage per each Nature shield on the board, up to 244% damage in total.
  • All enemies get -8% defense, and a further -3% decrease per each Nature shield on the board for 3 turns, up to -44% defense.

Frigg Hero Review:

One downside about special skills reliant on how many “Shields on the board” is that there will be a dilemma between “greed” and efficiency. Do you want to wait a few more turns before you activate your special so that you can get the maximum effect, or do you want to activate the special skill now and get whatever effect you can get?

There are a total of 35 shields on the board.
Maximum damage (244%) requires 8 nature shields.
Maximum Defense decrease (-44%) requires 12 nature shields.

Assuming that tiles are fully randomized (i.e. 20% chance for each element), then the most common scenario when Frigg is activated is for 6-8 nature tiles to be on the board. This allows for a 26% to 32% defense reduction & 208% to 244% damage.

For the purpose of the review – we will take reference to these stats as the most common scenarios.

A ~30% defense reduction to all enemies at fast speed is still quite good. It balances out the Smash bros (gormek, tibertus, grimm) at average speed.

This means that in the majority of the situations, Frigg will perform much stronger than most other heroes (when there are 7 nature tiles or more), and in “uncommon” circumstances, perform terribly. (about <25% of the time)

Chance of 7 tiles and above at 56% This does not take into account where the tiles are located.
Source : https://en.commtap.org/mcprobcalc
Feel free to use it.

As of now, Frigg is the only Legendary Nature hero with a Defense reduction debuff, and at a “fast” mana speed.

Frigg in Offensive raids

When planning attack teams – the most common formation is the 4-1 or the 3-1-1 formation. Where the “1”s are hero slots that are designated to help your attack team survive until you get a good cascade of tiles for your main attack force.

Put this way, Frigg does not fit into the support/healer roles despite helping you to kill your enemies faster. Frigg fits into the main attack team. (alongside kingston, evelyn or zeline etc).

Given the probability of less than or equal 4 Nature shields equals to 14.35%, then the outcomes of a poor Frigg special is really on the low side.

Furthermore, in the remaining 85% of the time, you will be able to deliver a good one – two – three punch with Frigg, Zeline, Kingston/Lianna etc, with at least a 3 tile match.

Overall, this makes Frigg extremely potent in your attack team, even without Evelyn, allowing you to break through the defending team with ease.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Frigg in Defense

The effects of Frigg’s special skill is dependent on the attacking team’s board. Basically – this can make Frigg quite icky to play around.

Attacking teams have to bring status ailment cures, or quickly clear off nature tiles before Frigg activates. At fast mana speed, this can become quite difficult to do so.

This makes Frigg good choice as flank or tank, using her to weaken the attacking team for your wings to finish off the enemy.

Possible combinations include a Fire Tank with Frigg as flank (whereby the attacking team won’t bother to clear the nature shields as priority). Frigg as tank is also a possibility.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Frigg against Titans

When facing blue titans, there are only a few option for defense reduction. Valkyrie’s bane or Harpoon. Both are expensive.

When you spot a good board, you can charge up Frigg’s special with mana pots and activate, allowing you to maximize the effect.

You can also use Scroll of Alteration before activating Frigg special.

Guide to Titan Fights

Frigg Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – A+
Offence – A
Defence Tank – B
Defence Flank – A
Defence Wing – C
Defense Overall – A-
Tournaments Rush Attack – C
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – A
Overall A-

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