Challenge Events: Beginner’s Strategy Guide

Comprehensive strategy guide for completing challenge events

without any Legendary (5* heroes).

Challenge Event Basics
Calendar of events here.
If you are looking to maximize your challenge event scores.

Calendar of events here.

Heroes selected: Gormek, Caedmon, Sabina, Kiril & Lixiu for legendary stage 15.

Items: Tornado, Dragon attack, Axe attack and Bomb Attack

The strategy guide

Hero Selection/criteria

  1. Avoid the reflected color
  2. Two healers
  3. Heroes that have mana reduction/mana stop/silence effects. (Chao, Lixiu, Bauchan, Proteus, Gretel, Hansel etc)
  4. Heroes that have attack up/defense down specials
  5. Heroes that have high attack/high damage specials

Item Selection

Rare: Axe attack, Arrow attack, Small mana Potion, Mana Potion
Epic: Bomb Attack, Axe attack, Mana Potion, Small mana potion
Legendary: Dragon Attack, Bomb Attack, Tornado, Axe attack


  1. Clear the first two waves of monsters without using any items*
  2. Leave 1 monster up in the second wave. Start charging up all your heroes mana, try to clear away useless tiles while absorbing hits from that one monster.
  3. Enter Boss wave with Full mana, full items and a good board
  4. Use all your damage items (Rare: 1500 damage, Epic: 2500 Damage, Legendary: 4500 Damage). These should already be enough to burst down most stages. So you can use these sparingly in the earlier stages.
  5. Use all your heroes special, use mana potions to charge up your heroes to fire again over and over again.
  6. You should be able to achieve enough burst damage to prevent the bosses from firing their troublesome specials (where most people have the most difficulty at)

*If you are unable to clear the first two waves without using any items, and heroes dying, you will need to build a better roster, or level up your heroes. This guide.. cannot help you achieve the impossible (like clearing legendary stage with unleveled heroes).

Hopefully this helps you get the important items and emblems at completion.

Good luck, have fun!