Challenge Events Strategy 2019: Top Hero Choices

updated: Oct 2019

Hero Analysis for challenge events

Based on this strategy.

Hero Selection for challenge events

Best heroes are always picked based on their ability to fulfil these criteria.
1. Mono Color team with high attack stats to to maximize chances that a good tile cascade can clear the first wave of monsters.
2. Mana Speed are not taken into account as most of the time you will be using mana potions to recharge the heroes to be able to use their specials.
3. High Damage 3 target Specials will be prioritized to maximize damage.
4. Only buffs that affect special skill damage are considered.

Hero Analysis Chart

How to use the chart:
You will want to try to form your hero team to fulfil all the five categories (Defense Reduction, Color Specific defense Reduction, Attack increase, 3 target specials and single target specials)

For example, you can pick
Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Zimthika, Khagan & Sir Lancelot for your red Legendary team.
You will have formed a highly synergistic team that is able to quickly melt the final stage of bosses.

The aim of these charts is to form a general guide line to understand what heroes would be suitable for your Challenge event Conquest.

Challenge Event: Fire Heroes

Recommended for : Guardians of Teltoc, Pirates of Corelia
Teltoc has many Nature Monsters.
Corelia has Nature and Fire Monsters.

Challenge Event: Ice Heroes

Recommended for : Fables of Grimforest, Pirates of Corelia
Many Fire Monsters in these two stages.

Challenge Event: Nature Heroes

Recommendation: Knights of Avalon
Green and blue monsters in these stages.

Challenge Event: Dark Heroes

Recommendation: Guardians of teltoc, Knights of Avalon
Teltoc has many Holy Monsters.
Can be usable for Avalon because green heroes that satisfy all the criteria are hard to come by.

Challenge Event: Holy Heroes

Recommendation: Not Recommended for any levels due to poor choices.

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