Picking heroes to level

Which Empires and Puzzles Heroes do I level first?

Leveling heroes are time intensive and expensive.
Materials for ascending 4* and 5* heroes are difficult to find, or expensive to pay for.
The purpose of this is to answer the question:
Which heroes should I level first?

To answer this question, we must first understand what roles you would like to fill:
Heroes that are well rounded.
Defense (Raid defense & war defense)

Heroes that are troublesome to deal with, hard to kill etc.
Offense (Raid/War)
Offense (Titan)


You can also view the complete list of heroes here and hero cards of all current 5* heroes available here.

The current offensive meta focuses on two criteria – Ability to survive when you have a poor board roll when you start the raid, and the ability to take out troublesome enemy heroes before they fire, or prevent them from firing their special skills.

Therefore, fast snipers are favored in the current meta – high single target damage & fast – very fast speed.

These heroes also tend to be very versatile picks and can be used defensively and during titan fights.

These versatile heroes are the ones that you would want to level and ascend first.

Credits to Anchor and the 7DD crew for maintaining and updating the chart.