Mana Generation Speed

Mana Generation Speeds: The basics

Mana fuels each hero’s Special Skill.  It is shown as the bar immediately under the health bar for your hero when looking at the battlefield. Titans and bosses also have mana bars for their own special skills. Mana bars begin each fight empty and fill as you make matches.

On offense, your heroes’ mana bar fills when you make matches of the same element as the hero. The mana gained is doubled when the tiles are ‘ghosted’ (when the tiles do not hit an enemy).

Bosses, titans, and enemy heroes in raids and wars gain mana when they are hit by tiles and at the end of their turn.

Mana Speeds

How many tiles does it take to charge up my heroes’ special skill?

There are 5 levels of mana speed possible.  These levels correspond with how many matched tiles it takes to fill their mana bar.  Ghosted tiles (tiles that hit no monster) provide twice as much mana as those that hit (thus for Slow it would be 12 hits or 6 ghosted tiles).

  • Very Slow:  13.5 tiles
  • Slow:  12 tiles
  • Average:  10 tiles
  • Fast:  8 tiles
  • Very Fast:  6.5 tiles

Mana generation modifiers

How does mana generation affect the speed of my special skills?
How much mana generation increase do I need to see any effect?

Heroes that increase mana generation

  • Seshat (Element Link, 5%)
  • Alberich (Moderate amount of mana over 4 turns)
  • Lancelot (24%)
  • Ariel (24%)
  • Troops (depending on level/stats)
  • Atlantis Sakura Family
    (Kageburado, Inari, Mitsuko, Ameonna, Danzaburo, Sumitomo, Chochin, Namahage)

Heroes that decrease mana generation

Easy to use mana generation break point for number of tiles required to activate special skills

The maximum rate of mana generation would be:
Ariel/Khagan (24%)
Element Link (4%)
Level 29 Mana Troop (15%)
Class bonus (2-4%)
Costume Bonus (5%)
Family Bonus (2-12%)
This add ups to a current maximum of 55% mana generation per tile.
Ariel/Khagan + 4 other Sakura OR Wonderland Family members
24% + 15%(Mana troop) +12% (Family bonus) + Talent bonus 4%= 55%
End of turn generation

Mana Troops – What level do I need?

Other heroes that affect mana are

Li Xiu, Chao, Spartan, etc (Reduce mana by a %)
Merlin, Gretel, Hansel, pixie etc (Triggered when target’s mana is full and reduces their mana)

Heroes that silences (prevents enemy heroes from firing their specials, even if their mana is fully charged)
Peter, Miki

More reading information on how mana reduction affects heroes