Path of Valor Guide

Updated 03 February 2020
– Confirmation of rewards for 03 February 2020
– Update Valor Pass Price
– Compilation of total rewards for Valor Pass
– How Path of Valor works
– Added information on points to Tiers

Update 05 February 2020
– Added Link for Path of valor quests.

How Path of Valor works

Empires and puzzles Path of Valor

Collect valour points by completing Daily Challenges & Valor Challenges to redeem rewards.

Valor Pass Points & Rewards

03 February 2020 Rewards

MilestoneValor PointsValor Pass RewardsFree Rewards
120Summon Token
2902x Tiny Food Bundle (10k Food)1x Tiny Iron Bundle (10k Iron)
3210Epic Troop Token
4380100 Gems50 Gems
560010x Adventurer’s Kit
68702x Small Iron Bundle (50k Iron)1x Small Food Bundle (50k Food)
71190Epic Hero Token
81560WE FlaskWE Flask
9198010x Antidotes
102450Food HarvesterIron Harverster
11296030x Large Bone
1235102x Medium Food Bundle (100k Food)1x Medium Iron Bundle (100k Iron)
1341005x Loot Ticket
1447302x 1* Blue Trainer Hero1x 1* Blue Trainer Hero
155400100x Atlantis Coin
1661102x Medium Iron Bundle (100k Iron)1x Medium Food Bundle (100k Food)
176860Raid Flask
18765010x Barbarian Emblem5x Barbarian Emblem
19848010x Challenge Coin
209350300 Gems100 Gems
21102503x Summon Token
22111802x Medium Food Bundle (100k Food)1x Medium Iron Bundle (100k Iron)
231214020x Crypt Mushroom
24131302x 2* Blue Trainer Hero1x 2* Blue Trainer Hero
2514150Item Harvester
26152002x Medium Iron Bundle (100k Iron)1x Medium Food Bundle (100k Food)
271628010x Axe Attack
281739010x Barbarian Emblem5x Barbarian Emblem
2918530Raid Flask
301970010x Loot Ticket5x Loot Ticket
312089010x Grimoire Dust
32221002x Large Food Bundle (250k Food)1x Large Iron Bundle (250k Iron)
3323330200x Atlantis Coin
3424580Hidden BladeWarm Cape
352585010x Dragon Bone
36271402x Large Iron Bundle (250k Iron)1x Large Food Bundle (250k Food)
37284505x Tornado
38297802x 3* Blue Trainer Hero1x Blue Trainer Hero
39311303x WE Flask
40325005x Hurricane2x Hurricane
413388020x Challenge Coin
42352702x Giant Food Bundle (500k Food)1x Giant Iron Bundle (500k Iron)
43366702x 4* Blue Trainer Hero
4438080Telluria AvatarJean-Francois Avatar
45395005x Valkyrie’s Bane
46409302x Giant Iron Bundle (500k Iron)1x Giant Food Bundle (500k Food)
4742370Recruit Harvester
484382050x Barbarian Emblem30x Barbarian Emblem
4945280Omnia Harvester
5046750Farsight TelescopeMystic Rings

Everyone is eligible for the Free rewards, whether they’ve purchased Valor Pass or not. To get the Premium Valor Pass rewards, you must purchase Valor Pass.

People who purchase Valor Pass get BOTH the Premium and Free rewards. People who don’t purchase get ONLY the Free rewards. (You will be able to claim all the previous premium rewards if you bought the pass late)

Is Valor Pass worth it?

Valor Pass costs 10 USD/10Euros (Other currencies here) and the total rewards for it is
Gems: 700
Epic Hero Token :2
Epic Troop Token : 1
Atlantis Coins : 300
Challenge Coins :30
4 Star Ascension Material : 1

The total Gem value of the pass = 700 + (2 * 260) + 160 + (280*3 ) + (260*3) = 2900 Gems

A typical ascension material costs 3USD-10USD depending on which package/offer you purchase…

Overall, valor pass is quite attractive! The only draw back is that you actually have to work for your rewards..

Path of Valor Challenge and Quest log

Good Luck, Have fun!

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