Challenge event Guide 2020: Riddles of Wonderland

Empires and Puzzles: Riddles of Wonderland

Riddles of Wonderland Stages

Riddles of Wonderland Stage

Reflects: Nature
Majority of Monsters: Green

Therefore you will want to bring Fire heroes.

Recommended heroes – Riddles of Wonderland

Recommended Fire HeroesDefence Reduction DebuffElemental Defence Reduction DebuffAttack Increase BuffTriple unit Special Skill/ High Damage Single TargetHigh Damage Single Target (optional)
3 Star / Rare HeroesNilNilNamahage, Hawkmoon CostumeEi-Dunn, Namahage, Nashgar
4 Star / Epic HeroesGormek, WilburGuardian FalconBoldtusk, Sir LancelotScarlett, Sumitomo, Sir Lancelot
5 Star / Legendary HeroesSanta ClausZimkitha, Black Knight, AresMitsuko, Captain Kestrel

*Multiples of a single hero can be used.
**Heroes are planned for mono color usage – to maximize the chance to be able to clear the first wave of enemies with a good cascade of tiles & to synergize Elemental defence reduction

Highscore for Riddles of Wonderland Stage

Riddles of Wonderland Heroes

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