Empires and Puzzles Hero Costumes

What are hero costumes

Hero Costumes are a new way to change the way you play with your favourite Heroes. Each Costume has different Stats and Special Skills than the original Hero. Hero Costumes can be acquired from the Costume Chamber/Quest

Hero Costumes are unlocked when you reach Level 18. There are Costumes of three rarities: 

  • Rare Costumes are for Rare Heroes
  • Epic Costumes for Epic Heroes
  • Legendary Costumes for Legendary Heroes 

 A Costume always has a different Special Skill and Hero Class than the original Hero. Both the original Hero and the Costume share the progression on the Talent Grid. Talent Grid Nodes can only be learned in the original Hero’s Talent Grid.

How do Hero Costumes work

  • Hero costumes require the original hero to “activate”
  • Both hero and hero costumes need to be max for the full effect to take place.
  • Hero costumes cannot be ascended higher than the original hero. Example: An ascension 3, level 70 Vivica cannot ascend her costume (supreme Magician) to ascension 4. (See here – Error Message when leveling a costume on an unleveled hero)
  • Hero costumes give a stat bonus
  • During wars, the once per use limit on heroes applies to both the costume and hero. (You cannot use Viking Champion and Sonya in the same Alliance war, you may only use either one.)
  • Leveled Costumes are not interchangeable – you need to level 2 costumes to use both costumed heroes. Example here

Costume Chamber

  • Each costume pull costs 5 Keys or 350 gems
  • 10x pulls cost 3000 gems
  • Every 10 pulls gives you a chance for a rare/epic ascension material (similar to atlantis summon)

Costume Quest

Empires and Puzzles Costume Quest 1
Jan + March 2020
Empires and Puzzles Costume Quest 2
Feb 2020

Costume Quest Tips, tricks and hacks

If you are having trouble clearing any of the stages because you do not have the right heroes, here is a strategy you can consider.

  1. Put 2-3 healers into your team, along with heroes that add defense up, or have attack reduction debuff.
  2. Bring along the following items : Axe attacks, Bomb attacks, Dragon attacks and Mana potions (Small or medium)
  3. Clear the first 2-3 waves of monsters without using items
  4. Try to enter the boss stage with full mana for all heroes
  5. Use all your Bomb attacks, Dragon attacks & Axe attacks on the bosses straight away. This will give you a total of 4500 Damage, which will outright complete the stage for you.

Farming for hero costume – Getting hero costumes for free

There are two main ways to get hero costumes for free.

The first is by gems (which we highly do not recommend. Gems should be used for Atlantis summons, Challenge event summons and Valhalla season 3 heroes). You can check out our guide to Farming Gems in Empires and Puzzles here

The second way is by getting costume keys. Costume keys are obtainable from Costume quest, Alliance War Chest, Mystic Vision & wanted missions

All Hero costumes

Updated 19 – May – 2020 for the new hero costumes

The main purpose of the following table is to assist you in deciding whether you should spend resources to level up the original hero and the hero's costume.
Ratings 1 & 2 : Super low priority
Rating 3: Medium Priority - Level the costume if you have the spare resources, since these heroes will see some play in some aspects of the game.
Rating 4: Level the costumes ASAP if you already have the fully leveled hero.
Rating 5: The Costume is good enough to see viable competitive play. A must to level if you have the costume.
Original HeroHero CostumeOriginal hero gradeCostume GradingRecommended to level?
(1 to 5, 5 being MUST level)
ElenaCaptain of FireBB1: Elena seldom sees play
AzlarKing of the LeorsBA+5: The new special Makes Azlar great in Defense and against titans.

Given how many green tanks there are, Azlar would be great in offense as well.
BoldtuskCast Iron ChefAB3: For stat bonus only
HawkmoonAscendant ChiefAA+4: Great for tournaments
AzarSeeker of GodsBC1: Meh - Azar seldom sees play, Costume doesn't make Azar all that great either
IsarniaIcewitch of GlaceholmBA3: For stat bonus
RichardAxe of JusticeBB3: For stat bonus
MagniMonolith of IceAA+5: Despite reduction in damage %, the defense reduction is awesome, improving Magni in both offense, Defense and against titans.

Only downside is that Magni requires fighter Emblems, of which there are many competitors
KirilMaster ShredderAA+5: Both versions of Kiril are highly usable, which version you use is dependent on your team composition.
BorilHeavyweight DefenderCC1: Meh.
SonyaViking ChampionBA5: Diversity in use.
KarilThe HeatedBB3: For stat bonus. (Karil mostly sees play in Challenge Events)
GunnarBlacksmithBB4: Diversity in use
LiannaNoble GuardianAA+3: For stat bonus
HorghallWooden JesterBB1: Horghall seldom sees play
ElkanenMoonlit ConquererBB3: For stat bonus. Elkanen is unimpressive on his own.
KadilenPriestess of MoonlightBB3: Is Special Defense better or Dodge better? Its quite debatable.
MelendorMighty WizardAB3: For stat bonus
SkittleskullCandy WitchCC1: Skittleskull seldom sees play
KashrekLizardfolk ElderCC1: Kashrek seldom sees play.. If you have nothing to better to do.. sure..
CaedmonElven AvengerBA4: Diversity in use.
Little John Stealthy BrotherCC1: Little John seldom sees play. The new effect is great, but at slow speed - kinda useless.
BrienneShaman of ConcordiaAA5: Diversity in use, for tournaments
IsshtakLizardfolk AncestorBA5: Awesome for challenge events and tournament battles.
CarverThe CutthroatBB2: Seldom sees play. Also not good enough for tournaments
Friar TuckJovial ExplorerBA+5: Great for Tournaments. (Buff booster and Rush Attack)
BelithGrove SpiritBA5: Great for buff booster and rush attack tournaments
BerdenAdroit ArcherAA+4: Good for Tournaments
VivicaMagician SupremeBA5: Diversity in use, stat bonus, great VS titans
JoonFury of the SunAA3: For stat bonus
Li XiuCeremonial AssassinCC2: For stat bonus
BaneNoble BrawlerAA3: For stat bonus
QiuntusElectro ScientistBB1: Quintus seldom sees play
DomitiaSteampunk SniperBA4: Awesome in today's meta (due to the amount of buffs and debuffs)

The added poison damage is also quite significant.
SartanaMonstress of DescenthiaAA5: Sartana is already a grade A hero. If you have the costume - even better.

It is debatable that the costume is better than original Sartana. A bulk of Sartana's damage actually comes from Damage over time.
RigardDapper NobleAA5: Stat bonus, diversity in use,
TibertusDuke of RockAA3: For stat bonus
TyrumRoman RemnantBB4: For stat bonus + Diversity in use
PriscaResolute OverseerCC1: Meh.
BalthazaarUndead MagicianAA4: Balthazaar has always been one of the best Rare heroes. Having additional stats is always good
RenfeldUnhinged SurgeonCA+5: A new powerful special skill.
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Should I level / Ascend my hero costume?

You should level up most of the costumes that you have received. It costs lesser food, and feeder heroes to level up the costumes. Plus there are only upsides when you level up and ascend a hero costumes. It is easier to follow exceptions to this.

Exceptions to leveling up costumes are as such

  • You do not have the original hero fully ascended, or do not intend to fully ascend the original hero. (e.g. Quintus/Horghall. Both examples are underwhelming heroes, with and/or without costume).
  • You have just started the game and are building a deeper War bench. Leveling a costume makes your hero slightly stronger. However, having fully leveled epic heroes is the most important marker for alliance war success.

If you have many hero costumes, prioritize costumes that you already have the fully ascended and leveled original hero, and prioritize costumes that give you added versatility to your heroes. Examples are like Rigard & Sonya.

Hero costume review

As mentioned earlier, if you have the spare food and resources to level up all your costumes, please go ahead to do so. There is literally no downside for doing so.

However, if you are short on resources and would like to choose which costumes to prioritize, do see the Hero costume list above

The main reason why these heroes are prioritized is because of the added versatility it brings to your raid teams.

For example, when fighting against Red Tanks, you can bring Sonya against Ares, or Viking Champion against Gravemakers.

Awesome Hero Costumes – MUST level up

Azlar – King of the Leors
Magni – Monolith of Ice
Sartana – Monstress of Descenthia
Kiril – Master Shredder
Caedmon – Elven Avenger
Melendor – Mighty Wizard
Rigard – Dapper Noble
Sonya – Viking Champion
Isshtak – Lizardfolk Ancestor
Belith – Grove spirit
Berden – Adroit Archer
Friar Tuck – Jovial Explorer
Tyrum – Roman Remnant
Renfeld – Unhinged Surgeon
Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief
Brienne – Shaman of Concordia

Everyone else – low priority

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11 thoughts on “Empires and Puzzles Hero Costumes

  1. I have the Belith costume, and both she and the normal Belith are fully maxed. However, the costume Belith is stuck at level 7/8. The normal Belith is 8/8. I have tried using both another Belith costume and a hero Belith to raise the costume to 8/8, but nothing seems to raise that level. How do I get the costume level to 8/8 ? Thank you !!

    1. You have to either put 10 1 star or 5 2 star feeders into it. Or a combination of both. You can see the percentage chance in the upper right hand corner while you put them in to level

    1. Hey there, you need to ascend Sonia before you can ascend her costume.. Might have the wrong tab selected..

      level 40 should be the first ascend for an epic hero.

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