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We have decided to move all the hero reviews to links to the hero’s direct page due to loading time and editing issues. It would have gotten a lot slower, given the rate of new releases for Empires and puzzles heroes.

Table of Contents

Beta / unreleased heroes here

  • October = Odin
  • November = Lord Loki
  • December = Gefjon
  • January = Thor

Hero of the Month – Hero Review

HOTM: December 2020: Reuben Hero Review

HOTM: November 2020: Glenda Hero Review

HOTM: September 2020: Bai Yeong hero review

Zocc Hero review – August 2020 HotM

Noor Hero review – July 2020 HotM

Raffaele Hero Review – June 2020 HotM

Clarissa Hero Review – May 2020 HotM

Malosi Hero Review – April 2020 HotM

Telluria Hero Review- March 2020 HOTM

Vela Hero Review – January 2020 HOTM

Neith Hero Review – November 2019 HotM

Kingston Hero Review – October 2019 HOTM

Grazul Hero Review – September 2019 HOTM

Ninja Tower Hero Review

Garnet Hero Review

Mica Hero Review

Cobalt Hero Review

Onyx Hero Review

Jade Hero review

Season 3 – Valhalla – Hero Review

Bera Hero Review

Skadi Hero Review

Baldur Hero Review

Lady Loki Hero Review

Bera Hero Review

Frigg Hero Review

Alfrike Hero Review

Tyr Hero Review

Freya Hero Review

Fenrir Hero Review

Sif Hero Review

Ratatoskr hero review

Heimdall Hero Review

Norns Hero Review

Season 2 – Atlantis – Hero Review

None Currently

Season 1 Hero Review

Costume Upcoming


Killhare Hero Review

Sir Roostley Hero Review

Sand Empire

Roc Hero Review

Knights of Avalon Hero Review

Black Knight Hero Review

Lady of the Lake hero review

Bauchan Hero Review

Pirates of Corellia Hero Review

Finley Hero Review

Marie-Thérèse Hero Review

Riddles of Wonderland Hero Review

White Rabbit Hero Review

Jabberwock hero review

Fables of Grimforest Hero Review

Puss in Boots hero review

Snow White hero review

Guardians of Teltoc Hero Review

Guardian Chameleon Hero Review

Guardian Gazelle hero Review


Myztero Hero Review

15 thoughts on “All Hero Reviews

  1. Your Heimdall review is right on the mark but not sure about the Telluria review. A team with a fully ascended and leveled up Telluria tank is practically impossible to defeat. That alone is enough to rate her A overall, but there is also the fact that nearly every top 100 player has her at tank. She should rate A+ overall. BTW, I am not a fan of this hero- way overpowered!

    1. I agree, I think the meta is way broken now that Telluria is everywhere in the top 10000 players. Having to bust her is difficult and depends on a lot of luck.

      1. I’m winning against her 90% of the time, even made it #33 worldwide, but put Vela by her side and its a whole different story though.
        I usually use four reds, Wilbur, costume BT, guardian Falcon (he’s new, used Sumitomo before him), and either Marjana or JF. Plus Proteus/C.Rigard/C.Melendor. The fifth varies a bit, but usually Proteus. It takes about 6 tiles on her to kill her off. You need a really bad board not to hit her with 6 red tiles.. Her special does so little after the “balance” that she’s pretty broken now. Vela is the big issue – but give Scarlett a costume with an atk buff for herself and close allies and the problem is solved.

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