Empires & Puzzles – Alfrike Hero Review


Attack: 659
Defense: 830
HP: 1421

Class: Wizard
Realm: Svartalfheim
Element: Dark/Purple

Mana Speed: Very Slow

Special Skill: Cube of Dark Realm

Empires and Puzzles Alfrike
  • Casts 5 Dark Cubes to random enemies.
  • Dark Cube deals 200% damage to the target.
  • Dark Cube reduces max health from the target by 224. Max health can’t get lower than 30% of the original max health.
  • The target automatically casts Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full during 3 turns.

Alfrike Hero Review:

Alfrike sure is hella cool looking.

Max Health reduction does not have a turn duration. Max health reduction also affects the amount of healing that can be done by healers.

Put everything together, Alfrike’s special is extremely impactful. Damage + Mana control + Reducing of max health.

There are some things that I do not like about the special.

Effects always take place in the order that they are written. This means that Dark Cubes do damage first then reduce the max health of the target. This means that the initial damage is some what negated by the reduction of the max health..

Another drawback is the randomness of the Dark Cube targeting. This produces an issue of reliability with the special. You might completely miss targeting Heroes that you would like to prevent from firing their special skill. *Mindless attack is the same effect that Merlin has. Mindless attack will cause the afflicted hero to randomly attack a target when she/he has full mana, and reduce the mana by 50%.

Alfrike in Offensive raids

Alfrike is too slow and unreliable in offensive raids.

Although Alfrike’s defense stats would allow him to survive until she fires his special, the effects of the special might still not be enough to turn losing battles in winning battles. (Kunchen might be able to do just that for you, with a heal to extend durability of your team, and enable you to take out your opponents quickly)

That being said in battle whereby 2-3 enemies have already been killed, Alfrike’s would have resolved Dark Cube’s random targeting issues, and deal significant damage to the remaining 2 – 3 heroes, while at the same time preventing all of them from being able to fire their special skill.

An idea would be to pair Alfrike with some snipers to take out certain key enemy heroes and then fire Alfrike for a solid win.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Alfrike in Defense

Alfrike’s defensive stats could put him in a Tank position, flanked by healers to maximize his effects.

It is of my opinion that Alfrike is too slow at flank and wing positions from him to be able to fire off his special at all.

In a Tank position, Mindless Attack status ailment on enemy heroes (does not have to be all of them), could potentially buy your team enough time for them to deal significant damage to your enemies.

I feel that Alfrike fulfils the Tank position quite well, and is definitely worth a shot. Not a top 5 tank, but potentially a top 10 tank.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Alfrike against Titans

Alfrike has relatively poor attack stats and therefore not suited to be in the tile damage slot of Titan Attacks.

Further testing is needed to confirm if each Dark cube would deal 200% damage + 224 (max hp & hp reduction), or only 200% damage.

And to be honest – even that is inconsequential to titan fights – as the damage amounted from his special would be lesser overall damage if you were to bring a hero with higher attack stats.

Guide to Titan Fights

Alfrike Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – B
Defence Wing – C
Defence Flank – C
Defence Tank – A
Titan – C
Tournaments Bloody Battle – A
Tournaments Rush Attack – A+
Tournaments Buff Booster – B
Overall B

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12 thoughts on “Empires & Puzzles – Alfrike Hero Review

  1. I just got her, she’s realllly slow. She might be useful for those hero fighting Event or Seasonal quests though, with time to build up beforehand and then unleash on the boss.

    1. Yeah, she’s a queen and it’s pretty obvious she’s a solid woman lol I don’t understand why people in this game often get genders wrong, it’s so strange

  2. To update on the cubes against titans, yes each of them hits, so we speak about 1000% damage + mindless attack for 3 turns, which is absolutely fantastic. Might need mana boosters, but they’re almost essential against any titan anyway. She’s even more effective against heroes with minions, as she doesn’t only kill the minion, but also reduces the max HP, which is ultimately causing a lot more than just 200% damage.
    Considering the ultimate chaos she is causing, especially the mindless attack affecting all heroes hit by the cubes, Alfrike should be given an A rating.

    1. I agree with your assessment that her special is hella impactful.

      That’s the way it should be. However, Alfrike without mana Troops require 14 tiles to charge (and quite a bit of tiles on defense). Even with mana troops and other boosts, the fastest you can get Alfrike to go to is 12 tiles. That’s a tall order for offensive raids.
      That’s the reason why Alfrike does not get any A’s on offensive raids.

      But defense wise – Alfrike only fits in the tank position.

      Btw, have you tested how reduce max hp works on titans?

      1. Yeah, she’s devastating against Titans. And if you use her as a flank next to Telluria with Vela on the other flank she’s so durable that she’s a difference maker

  3. SO, heres a strange question. If Alfrike reduces max health, what does that mean overall on a Titan? Temporary is kinda stupid and pointless because a titan is a team effort and its fully possible to have 5 or 10 teammates simultaneously attacking a Titan so how would they control/calculate a live and moving reduction and for how long during another teammates battle would it be calculated? If its PERMANENT(For the life of THAT Titan), then Does Alfrike become THE Titan killer for 10+ star Titans? Knocking 30% health down every time an Alfrike attacks (even if its only allowed to get to 30% max from original no matter how many repeat Alfrike’s attack subsequently) is a just massive number? a titan with 2 million hitpoints then has 1, 400,000 only?

    VERY SLOW has been the hero plague of this game. 2 very powerful heroes of old are NEVER seen in top teams because the Very slow overcomes their contributions (Boss wolf and Guardian owl). If this has a permanent effect on the current titan, it makes an Alfrike almost a necessity for teams to bring on power titans, and they only need 1 or 2 users to bring Alf 1 time, maybe twice…and then they get a 30% effort reduction.


  4. Hi all , I’m Italian , sorry for my English. I was in the no where land , taking a decision betwen Alfrike ( very slow I don’t like the kind ) and Clarissa ( superfast , I love superfast heroes ). I made a lot of raids using clarissa and Afriken ( 3/70 both ) to take the decision,and i got it. The winner is …Alfrike! She is very slow but she can change the situation..to be clear….in attack. I don’t like her in defensive team..maybe as tank ..but I have Telluria and I prefer her. That’s My opinion. Bye/ciao

  5. She’s my most favorite hero in the game. I’ve her at talent 20 more attack than defense) and her very slow mana is not an issue at all. The mindless is available at the optimal time. She might be slow to the party, but she is always on time. She’s my top 5 most used hero out for 40 maxed legendaries. I’ll certainly max another.

  6. Alfrike is the ultimate luck hero. For both sides of the battle. Basically, if she fires theres a good chance the tilt she lays on her enemy is unrecoverable. So when attacking an Alfrike team, you basically try and take advantage of the very slowness and hopefully kill or mana block her before she lets cubes fly back at you. Malosi is one of my favorite attack heroes because he blocks all buffs/ailments so its very close to mana block effectiveness. Its useless against Alfrike, so hes off the board. Now mindless attack is still useful AGAINST her as well as regular mana stopping/reducing, so hopefully you have one of the other special mana heroes (Hansel and gretel, proteus/hel, merlin). Im actually impressed with good old Leonidas against Alrike. He hits stoutly at 360, but since hes Holy he hits dark hero Alfrike extra hard and he reduces mana by 40% (Biggest single reducer in the game). Since Alfrike is already very slow, you usually only need 1 additional slowdown and if she isnt already dead by then, you are doing something wrong or you have no luck at all and were doomed to lose that battle before you got out of bed that morning.

    Very slow is hard to stay committed to (See BOSS WOLF or GUARDIAN OWL use by top 100 teams). But ALFRIKE, To very great credit, is making a strong case for a very slow hero to start getting regular use love…even if the very slowness prevents her from becoming the next Telluria or Gravemaker.

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