Empires and Puzzles Bai Yeong

Bai Yeong – Hero of the month September 2020

Attack: 749
Defense: 735
HP: 1314

Class: Archer
Innate Ability: Resist Minion Debuffs – This Hero has an innate resistance against status ailments that are from Minions.

Mana Speed: Fast (8 tiles)

Special Skill: Stunning Steel

Empires and Puzzles Bai Yeong
August 2020 HOTM Empires and Puzzles Zocc
  • Deals 320% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -75% accuracy for 2 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive skills
  • The target gets -75% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns.
  • Element Link gives all Holy allies +30% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Bai Yeong Hero Review:

Innate resistance – so only 2 minions have afflict status ailments. Kvasir and Bera (unreleased season 3 heroes). Not very useful there.

Special skill effect – Single target blind + healing reduction + 320% damage.

320% is extremely similar to Malosi (300%). So far the current experience facing Malosi is that the damage is not very significant. Usually in the 500 to 800 range. This damage is not really significant enough to worry about as the attacking team. It requires a follow up snipe on the same target to bring the target down.

However, the blind effect + healing reduction for 2 turns is really significant. Essentially negating one hero’s offensive special skill, and/or marking a hero for death (when a healer is about to go off).

Bai Yeong in Offensive raids

Bai Yeong’s special skill can be classified into 2 main components – the support function and the damage function. And the support function far outweighs the damage function.

Bai Yeong’s special should be used against AoE special heroes like Vela, Azlar etc, this has the maximum effect for Bai Yeong’s special skill, having the potential to negate a large amount of incoming damage.

Bai Yeong’s special skill’s damage also gives you the optionality to use it to take out a target hero, if that target is more important to kill.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Bai Yeong in Defense

As the support function of Bai Yeong is only limited to a single target for 2 turns, it is really weak as the AI cannot properly control the timing + target and therefore making the effectiveness of bai yeong’s special really weak.

Better at the wings for the damage – but there are many other options of defense.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Bai Yeong in tournaments.

Bai Yeong can be quite effective in rush attack as he can help you to single out a target to kill – by reducing healing received and negating the effects of certain annoying heroes.
Bai Yeong will also be effective in bloody attack as he is single handly capable of stopping large amounts of incoming damage from AoE heroes.

Bai Yeong against Titans

Well. nothing much to comment about.. Not great, not weak either.

Guide to Titan Fights

Bai Yeong Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – B
Offence – A+
Defence Tank – C
Defence Flank – B
Defence Wing – B
Defense Overall – B
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – A
Overall B

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