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Before everything else, do NOT spend gems (or $) trying to get the hero costumes.

This guide is for people who:
1. Get specific costumes for FREE
2. And are wondering whether it is worth to spend resources to level up these costumes.
3. Have the hero fully ascended (or have the materials to do so)

Overall, costumes give a high degree of flexibility when using your heroes. For example you could use Sonya against Ares or Boldtusk, and use Viking Champion costume when dealing with Gravemakers etc.

For simplicity in this guide, we shall assume that you do not already have a deep enough bench for war, and still leveling multiple heroes for war. (Becaues if you already have a deep bench, you will level these costumes anyway because you don’t have anything better to do with your resources already.)

*Do note that the stat increments are not taken into consideration as the boost is really minimal (with the exception of 5* heroes)

Costume review Summary:

Level up:
Melendor – Mighty Wizard
Rigard – Dapper Noble
Sonya – Viking Champion
Tyrum – Roman Remnant
Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief
Brienne – Shaman of Concordia

Borderline level up:
Vivica – Magician Supreme
Gunnar – Brave Blacksmith

Everyone else – low priority

5 Star Costume Review

Do note that 5 Star hero costume requires a lot more resources in terms of food and experience to fully level them to make the costume viable for use. This will be factored into whether these costumes are worth leveling or not.

Also, if you don’t have any of these 5 star heroes fully leveled, then by default – skip this section. Costumes without fully leveled heroes do not do much.

Vivica – Magician Supreme

Heals 44% health to each ally, All enemies get -44% defense for 4 turns, Dispells buffs from all enemies.

Vivica Magician Supreme Review

Specials that have a mix of defensive and offensive effects are always hard to time – are you want to time the defense reduction and debuff with other offensive special skills on your team, or utilize the heal asap?

Overall, barely an improvement, not worth the effort to level.

Joon – Fury of the Sun

Spend all that food, and experience to get the same effect? Nope.

Quintus – Electro Scientist

Considerable, but why do you want a Dark Horghall? And why did you level a Quintus anyway?

Elena – Captain of Fire

Same Effect. Nope.

Horghall – Wooden Jester

More Attack reduction. Attack & Defense modifiers have diminishing returns. An attack reduction of 34% is “enough”

Lianna – The Noble Guardian

Nope. Lianna has the highest single target damage of any hero in the game. So why do you want to go through all that effort and strip her of that title?

Isarnia – Icewitch of Glaceholm

Same effect. Nope.

Richard – Axe of Justice

Same effect. Nope.

4 Star Costume Review

Li Xiu – Ceremonial Assassin

Same/ Similar effect. Nope. 10% mana reduction and 20% mana reduction is essentially the same thing.

Rigard – Dapper Noble

Regenerate 609 Hp over 3 turns, all allies get +48% attack for 3 turns, dispells status ailments from all allies.

Dapper Noble Review

Dapper noble is a significant upgrade over the original Rigard, having an additional effect in the special skill.

To put into perspective, most 5 Star heroes of health of 1300 to 1500hp. 609 hp is 40% to 50% over 3 turns. This means that there is essentially no downgrade in the amount of health that Rigard heals.

Definitely a Level up.

Tibertus – Duke of Rock

Similar Effect. Having all enemies have a defense reduction is pretty similar to having 3 enemies with defense reduced. You are still going to snipe certain key enemy heroes first. Nope

Boldtusk – Cast Iron Chef

Similar effect. Nope.

Skittleskull – Candy Witch

Similar effect, Nope.

Melendor – Mighty Wizard

Regenerate 609 Hp over 3 turns, all allies get +46% Defense for 3 turns, dispells buffs from all enemies.

Mighty Wizard Review

Might Wizard is a significant upgrade over the original Melendor, having an additional effect in the special skill. (Defense increase)

To put into perspective, most 5 Star heroes of health of 1300 to 1500hp. 609 hp is 40% to 50% over 3 turns. This means that there is essentially no downgrade in the amount of health that Melendor heals.

Definitely a Level up.

Sonya – Viking Champion

Deals 345% damage to a target, dispels all status ailments from all allies.

Sonya – Viking Champion Review

A HUGE boost to versatility. A resounding level up!

3 Star Costume Review

3 Star costumes are pretty easy to level up, and will definitely factor this into the review.

Bane – Noble Brawler

Same effect – Nope.

Tyrum – Roman Remnant

Similar to Sonya, Viking Champion. Definite Level up

Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief

Similar Heal ratio, additional effect. Definite Level up.

Brienne – Shaman of Concordia

Completely different effect, and better. Defense reduction that increase each time enemy is hit is definitely an improvement overa buff that requires you to take damage for incremental effect.

Definite level up.

Gunnar – Brave Blacksmith

Borderline level up. I would definitely prefer the defense increase for allies over the defense reduction on enemies as the effect is far more synergistic.

However this will make Gunnar the highest Defense reduction hero among all the current 3 Star heroes. Worth Considering to level up for challenge events.

6 thoughts on “Empires and puzzles Hero Costume Review

    1. You do have a point that the stats boost does have a significant effect at the 5 star heroes. Therefore, if you use these 5 star heroes often, and you get the costume for free, go ahead and level the costume up.
      However, if you are relatively new to the game then –
      1. Don’t spend gems getting costumes
      2. Spend resources and heroes on increasing your bench depth,
      Those two is what I would prioritize more..

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