Grazul Hero Review

December 2019 HOTM : Grazul

Empire and Puzzles hero of the month (HOTM) Grazul
September 2019

Stats – Defensive, Above average
Special: Mending Mantra
Speed: Very Fast
Recovers 15% health for all allies
All allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turn
Element Link 4% mana generation for 4 turns

Grazul in Offense

Grazul’s heal, at 15% is barely significant in most situations. Without assistance from mana generation buffs, you are healing 15% every 7 tiles, while Rigard heals for 42% for 10 tiles (average speed). Furthermore, the additional effect that Rigard has (curing status ailments on allies) are similar. Rigard is unable to block effects that cannot be dispelled, and for Grazul being able to block status ailments for 2 turns.

The key to effective use is timing Grazul’s special skill.

This makes Grazul a high skillcap hero. Difficult to time, easy to miss. But the rewards are great when you are facing heroes such as Drake Fong, Justice, Alice, Onatel, White Rabbit, Gravemaker etc. Where 2 turns of protection is worth more than 1 turn of status ailment removal.

However, when you are not facing troublesome heroes, Boldtusk/Rigard/Kiril are more effective healers than Grazul. with more beneficial special effects.

However, the number of these “troublesome” heroes are plentiful at Diamond ranks, and that is where Grazul can shine.

Grazul in Defense

Grazul might have very strong defensive stats – however, the low amount of heal does not add much value to your team.

He is still viable as a Tank, just a lot weaker in comparison to a talented Boldtusk or Rigard. (for the same quantity of emblems)

Grazul VS Titans

Just bring a Boldtusk along. Similar defensive capabilities, with the added bonus of increasing attack for the rest of your teams.

Grazul Hero Rating

Offence : A
Defence Wing:B
Defence Flank:B
Defence Tank: B
Defence : B
Titan : C
Tournament Bloody Battle: C
Tournament Rush Attack: B
Tournament Buff Booster: A
Overall: B

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