Empires and Puzzles Marie-Thérèse


Pirate Family bonus
Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes:
+3%/6%/10%/15% Attack
+2%/4%/7%/12% Mana
Stats – Balanced, Above average.
Special: Zombie Blessing
Speed : Slow (12 Tiles)
Deals 168% to all enemies.
Allies regenerate 612HP over 4 turns
All Allies get +30% defense for 4 turns.
All Allies Receive Zombie Blessing. If the blessed Hero dies in the next 4 turns, they will be reborn as a zombie with
100% Health
500 Attack
500 Defense
Special Skill: Poison Bite

Mana Speed: Very Fast

  • Deals 240% damage to the target.
  • The target receives 70 Poison damage over 6 turns. (This is the base amount which will always be higher due to the +att from troops)

Marie-Thérèse Hero Review:

Lets start with the upsides.
Special Looks fun, Family bonus is pretty awesome. Her special can be used in Clutch moments to save the day and win you the round, as a sort of fail safe.

What I do not like about Marie-Thérèse is her non synergistic special.
So do you want your allies to become zombies? Or do you want to stop your allies from dying? The damage on her special is relatively negligible, it won’t make much of an effect in taking down an opponent.

Zombie Blessing can be dispelled as well. Zombies generated from Zombie Blessing have only 500 defense and attack stat, which means they are simply meat shields. The heroes would not be able to deal much damage, and would still die pretty quickly. It could be effective if you would be able to revive your tank (usually with more HP than the rest of your heroes) and have your tank survive longer to build up mana for the rest of your heroes. However, the fact that Marie-Thérèse‘s speed is slow means that opponents will be able to take down your tank way before Marie-Thérèse is able to fire.

This makes her special not effective in a Tank nor Flank position (in defense). Not effective in a Titan Fight, and limited use for an offensive position.

Marie-Thérèse Hero Grade

Offence – B
Defence – C
Titan – C
Overall C

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