List of Hero Costumes and effects

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*BETA* Hero Costumes

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Hero Costumes – Holy Heroes

Vivica – Magician Supreme
Joon – Fury of the Sun
Li Xiu – Ceremonial Assassin
Bane – Noble Brawler

Hero Costumes – Dark Heroes

Quintus – Electro Scientist
Rigard – Dapper Noble
Tibertus – Duke of Rock
Tyrum – Roman Remnant

Hero Costumes – Fire Heroes

Elena – Captain of Fire
Boldtusk – Cast Iron Chef
Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief

Hero Costumes – Nature Heroes

Horghall – Wooden Jester
Lianna – The Noble Guardian
Skittleskull – Candy Witch
Melendor – Mighty Wizard
Brienne – Shaman of Concordia

Hero Costumes – Ice Heroes

Isarnia – Icewitch of Glaceholm
Richard – Axe of Justice
Sonya – Viking Champion
Gunnar – Brave Blacksmith

All Images of New costumes!

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