Empires & Puzzles – Lady Loki

Valhalla / Season 3 Hero – Lady Loki

Attack: 747
Defense: 776
HP: 1312

Class: Fighter
Family: Helheim
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Average (10 tiles)

Special Skill: Trickster’s Malice

Empires and puzzles Lady Loki
  • Takes all dispellable status ailments from all allies and randomly casts them on all enemies.
  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 8% damage per transferred status ailment, up to 278% damage in total.

Lady Loki Hero Review:

Firstly lets take a look at what considers as “dispellable status ailments”. Since there is already a comprehensive list out there, you may refer to it yourself.

Now that we have got that covered, we quickly go through the most common status ailments.

  1. Mana generation reduction (telluria)
  2. Water damage (vela)
  3. Fire damage (gravemaker, jean-francois)
  4. Blind (drake fong and many others)

Given their prevalence in the defense team (as of now), it is quite realistic to assume that Lady Loki will be able to dispel at least 1.5 status ailments per ally on activation of her special (7-8). This gives about a 190% damage on her special skill. (To hit the 278% damage cap will require you to transfer 16 status ailments. That is 4 per ally, Lady loki herself is not included.)

For that maximum effect to occur, that would be quite rare. Usually you will want to activate Lady’s Loki’s special once there is any status ailment on your allies, to reduce the amount of damage, or to increase the effectiveness of your heroes. (especially if it is water damage or fire damage).

At 182% damage + status ailments afflicted on to enemy heroes + average speed is already quite good for a special skill.

That being said, do note that Zimthika and Lady Loki are very similar in their special skills. I personally prefer Zimthika over Lady Loki because a faster mana speed results in a higher consistency of use. Afterall, the main thing is removing the status ailments from your hero, have the status ailments transferred to the enemy hero is simply a bonus.

Lady Loki in Offensive raids

Is Lady Loki effective versus Telluria tanks? Given the prevalence of GTV (Gravemaker, telluria, vela) combo, how well does Lady Loki do?

In all honesty, that combination is really quite annoying to break, and Lady Loki’s special might have just enough firepower.

When you manage to transfer the DoT + mana generation reduction, the defending team will have a Heal over time effect active. You won’t be able to outright kill them with Lady Loki. However, this means that you require significantly lesser tiles or another snipe to break the formation.

Secondly, when facing the GTV combo – status ailment cures never seem enough. (Or rather it’s because you will want at least off color status ailment cures. If you can’t kill telluria with tiles, you can at least out heal the DOT that Gravemaker and Vela bring.) A third status ailment cure + Damage dealer is ALWAYS welcome.

Overall, Lady Loki can be used against a variety of defending teams, given how there is almost ALWAYS some sort of status debuff in the defending team.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here.

Lady Loki in Defense

Lady Loki’s special is a lot more unreliable in defense. Being unable to control when Lady Loki activates her special makes it easy for the attacking player to play around Lady Loki.

Definitely not recommended – there are many other Fire heroes that can be placed on your defending team.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Lady Loki against Titans

Lady Loki does not have any significant effect that maximizes your titan scores.

Lady Loki is a generic red hero in this aspect (for tile damage)

Guide to Titan Fights

Lady Loki Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – B
Offence – A+
Defence Tank – C
Defence Flank – B
Defence Wing – C
Defense Overall – C
Tournaments Rush Attack – A
Tournaments Buff Booster – C
Tournaments Bloody Attack – B
Overall B

9 thoughts on “Empires & Puzzles – Lady Loki

  1. Breaking the GTV wall is gonna be a rough expectation to heave on Lady Loki. The flankers (Gravemaker and Vela) are Fast and Very fast. Grave does most of his damage if not all before an average hero fires most of the time. Even Vela probably gets in her damage mosty before LL can flip it over.[

    In the past month I came across Baldur and Lady Loki in random pulls. I leveled Baldur up…3 70, mostly can say hes been, difficult to win with. He does what he is advertised to do. He super heals himself and stays alive really long when he does it. However I havent seen him help enough to kill the enemy (though his tiles at 4-80 should do a much better job than at 3 70). The random hitting is so slight I dont get much value from it. And if he ends up as last man standing (which has already happened a few times), the enemy just ghost tiles…and picks him off without fear of his special.

    So, I wont be giving him rings. NOW, I have a 3 70 Marjana (who is the 2nd Marj I have, hence why she hasn gotten bumped up sooner). Is Lady Loki worth rings? ahead of a really solid fast proven hero like Marj?
    I have never gotten enough use out of Hatter to justify it. Sure, one war a month there are 3 or 4 users running riposte tanks so Hatter will get into action. But in between, his middling numbers (at 3 70) just made him a few slots lower. Is LL, with inverted Hatter powers gonna be that much similar? Tis a similar problem to Myztero. You have to get hurt to make the power useful in killing the enemy or turning the tides…if every hero on your team had 4 ailments…you probaabky arent doing well? especially since heroes like Gravemaker and Clarissa do it so quickly (2 turns) you dont have much time or dependability in putting it all right back on the enemy? for ailments that arent health related (defense down, offense down, bind..etc) it becomes more versatile as those tend to be the loger ailments anyway.

    Now where she may shine is facing long slow damage like say 4 to 6 poison. even if its not till 2nd or 3rd turn when its flipped, will still be a fair amount of damage left to deal.

    THE Choice betwen who gets rings, Ladly L or Marjana is definitely one to ponder. Also deciding to pair her with Hatter sounds interesting. Buff and ailment flipping on the same team? Sounds devastating if they both can fire at the proper time. Which is always Hatter’s biggest issue. will you be able to wait for average speed and a couple of status ailments have fired?

      1. No,
        she dispells all status ailments from all allies including herself. You still need 16 ailnents to fully use her so in a 3-2 stack you will get exactly that: 5 times the waterdot, 5 times the manareduction, 3 times the firedot, 3 times the attackreduction.

  2. Heres an interesting question for wars where an enemy brings an Alfrike tank…

    Will Lokis ability MOVE non dispellable status effects? Its not eliminating them? I havent levelled LL enough to use…and I have a pile of heroes begging for backpack attention…but knowing It can move the non dispellables might make Lady Loki the nuclear defense weapon vs Alfrike, H & G, and anyone else who casts non dispellables.

    If it works that way?

  3. interesting grade from the TOURN buff booster,
    who knows, maybe the author doesn’t really know what this hero is doing, otherwise I can’t explain that note.

    1. Yo. You do realize that the damage bonus during buff booster is from BUFFS right?
      And the Lady Loki card specifically states status ailments. Don’t expect to get any buffs from Lady Loki!

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