Empires and Puzzles – Ninja Tower

Ninja Tower – The basics

1. Ninja tower Stages

There are a total of 50 Stages in Ninja tower. The Ninja tower occurs over 5 days. You will get exactly 10 Ninja Flags each day. This allows you to exactly clear the whole event without using extra energy (if you do not fail any of the stages

Ninja Tower Stages

2. Ninja tower debuffs – Oni Curses (Tiles)

Oni Curses are cursed tiles that randomly appears on the Board. The Oni Curse is randomly allocated to one of your 5 heroes. You then have three turns to remove the curse (make a match with that tile). If the Oni Curse activates, the designated hero receives 1x curse . Heroes who are cursed two times are no longer usable in the Ninja Tower event, but still able to be used elsewhere.

Ninja tower - Cursed heroes

3. Ninja tower blessings

Oni Blessings are rewarded on completing every third stage. Blessings are fixed & are the same for everyone. Blessings apply to ALL heroes in your roster for that specific event (even when you switch heroes etc)

Types of Ninja Tower Blessings:

  • +5% attack
  • +5% defense
  • +5% mana generation
  • +5% critical chance
  • Summon a minion with 5% health and 5% attack inherited from the owner every 5 turns
  • 50 HP added every 5 turns
  • +5% healing
  • 10% mana added every 5 turns

Recommended Ninja Tower blessings:

Always go for attack based stats first. Follow by mana generation. The rest is up to personal preference based on your hero composition. More about that in the Ninja tower Clearing guide & The Ninja tower High score guide.

Ninja tower – Deadly Chamber Effects

There are 3 effects. Ninja tower deadly chamber effects get more severe at higher stages.

  • Toxic Vapor – All heroes take a certain amount of damage every few turns.
  • Fragile Floor – The number of battle items you take are reduced by a certain number. Cannot be less than 1.
  • Erratic Time – All Status Effect Durations are reduced by a certain number of turns.

Ninja tower score calculation

Each stage can only be cleared once.

Ninja tower Scoring is based on:

  • Timing of completion
  • Enemies defeated
  • Amount of hero health left at the end of the battle
  • Big (high) combos and great matches (number of tiles cleared in a move)

Ninja tower Guide – for clearing (not aiming for high score)

This portion of the guide is for clearing without targeting for any sort of highscore.

Skip to Ninja Tower High Score guide if you would like to clear with High score.

Ninja Tower Tip #1

Take your time to plan your boards. Try to make moves that can clear as many tiles as possible, look for matches that are in the centre, and towards the top as these have higher chances for cascades.

Ninja Tower Tip #2

Save your diamonds for when you really need them, don’t use them straight away.

Ninja Tower Tip #3 – Item set

Scroll of Alterations, Tornados & Hurricanes are your friends. Use them sparingly.

The last item is completely up to you.

Ninja Tower Tip #4

And finally, the most important thing is to enjoy the process & take your time.

If you are in a rush, or hating the process, you will likely be distracted and make sub-optimal moves or mistakes that cause your heroes to suffer curses.

Good luck & have fun for the Ninja Tower Challenge!

Ninja Tower High Score Guide

#1 – Choice of Heroes for Ninja Tower

You will want a mono coloured team with the following effects (in order of priority):

  • Defense reduction
  • Elemental Defense Reduction
  • Conditional attack increase (Miki / Tarlak)
  • Attack increase buff
  • Heroes with high attack stats

Examples of teams for Ninja Tower:

  • Blue: Athena, Frida, Miki, Krampus, Magni
  • Red: Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Tarlak, Wilbur, Scarlett
  • Green: Frigg, Evelyn, Tarlak, Gaderius, Gregorion

#2 Items for Ninja Tower

  • Tornados/Hurricanes
  • Battle Axes/Arrow Attacks
  • Bomb Attacks
  • Dragon attacks

#3 Strategy for Ninja Tower

The requirements for scoring is as follows:

  • Timing of completion
  • Enemies defeated
  • Amount of hero health left at the end of the battle
  • Big (high) combos and great matches (number of tiles cleared in a move)

Enemies defeated is a fixed score.

Health left at the end of the battle is relatively fixed, there is a cap on this score

The score without cap is Combos and great matches.

In the earlier stages, try to make a few good combos and clear the whole stage quickly with damage items (arrows/axe/bomb/dragon attacks). The monsters here have relatively low hp and therefore can be cleared easily doing so.

In the later stages, similarly make great combos, but reserve your damage items for the bosses as these bosses are the ones who take the most time in the fight.

Check out this video of the run through to get an idea of what it is like to go for the high score.

8th Place!!—Ninja Tower Walkthrough—Empires and Puzzles

Ninja Tower heroes

4 * Star (EPIC) Ninja Heroes:

  • Ametrine (dark/Purple)
  • Sapphire (Blue/Ice)
  • Shale (Red/Fire)

5* Star (Legendary) Ninja Heroes:

Ninja Tower Summoning

Ninja Tower Hero Summoning

Summoning Chances:

Classic Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 71%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Ninja Heroes

  • Epic Ninja Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Ninja Hero: 1.0%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Summoning Cost:

100 Tower Coins for 1 Summon or

2600 gems for 10 summons.

Ninja Summoning – Worth it?

Given the chances of a Legendary Ninja hero is quite low, and the strength of the Ninja’s are slightly below average, I would say it is much better to save your gems for other events.

I highly recommend using your gems for Valhalla heroes. Those guys have potential, even the epic and rare heroes.

Ninja Tower Troop Summoning

Summoning Chances

  • Rare Classic Troop = 85%
  • Epic Classic Troop = 10%
  • Epic Ninja Troop = 5%

As compared to

  • Rare Classic Troop = 90%
  • Epic Classic Troop = 10%

Summoning Costs:

Epic Troop token or 200 gems for a single summon, or 1600gems for 10 summon. (Exactly the same)

You should definitely keep all your epic troop token for use during the Ninja tower event!

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