Empires and Puzzles Reuben

Reuben – Hero of the month December 2020

Attack: 760
Defense: 731
HP: 1310

Class: Cleric
Innate Ability: This Hero has innate resistance against ailments that affect Mana Generation. Doesn’t apply to status ailments that stop mana generation or steal mana.
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Fast (8 tiles)

Special Skill: Occult Redemption

  • Deals 215% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • All allies get -50% reduction to damage received from status effects for 4 turns.
  • Element Link summons a Fire Minion for all Fire allies with 5% HP and 5% attack inherited from the caster.

Reuben Hero Review:

Reuben in Offensive raids

Damage wise, Reuben is somewhat average. White Rabbit (Riddles of Wonderland Challenge event) has 731 base attack stat and does 280% damage to 3 targets. Reuben has 766 attack and does 215% damage to 3 targets. Both heroes are Fast charge speed.

In terms of secondary effects, a 50% damage reduction to status effect really pales in comparison to a cleanse effect (Zimthika).

In terms of heroes that deal significant Damage over time, Reuben will be useful against heroes like Gravemaker, Azlar, Clarissa, Jean-Francois.

Reuben will NOT be very useful or have limited use against heroes like Vela. This is due to fact that the attack reduction debuff that vela inflicts is usually more game winning than her damage over time effect.

Overall, Reuben can be pretty useful in certain situations, but in majority of the situations, you would probably have other red heroes to pick from for your attack team.

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Reuben in Defense

Give that the most effective attack teams are not reliant on damage over time effects, then Reuben really has limited use for his secondary effect on his special skill.

If we are solely looking at damage output, for killing enemy heroes, then there are many other heroes available for you to choose from.

However, Reuben can have quite a significant effect in Alliance war: Heal. This would severely hinder any heroes that has Damage over time effects.

Read more about setting up your teams for raid defense here.

Reuben against Titans

Reuben will be used against green titans which does not have any damage over time effect.

To that extent, Reuben is only good at being able to deal tile damage.

Guide to Titan Fights

Reuben Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – B-
Offence – B+
Defence Tank – B
Defence Flank – B
Defence Wing – B
Defense Overall – B
Tournaments Rush Attack – C
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Tournaments Bloody Attack – B
Overall B

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