Season 3 Realms

Realm Bonuses

Realms empower their members in unique ways. The more members of the same realm there is in a team, the more powerful the realm effect is.

For most realm effects, they now get stronger if there are more heroes of that realm present in the team. The effect values change for 1 member / 2 members / 3 members.

Heroes revived through other forms (i.e. Chameleon, Zombie) have no Realms.

In line with Norse mythology, there are 9 Realms.

NOTE: Based on both released artwork previews and the uneven distribution of Heroes across Realms, additional Season 3 Heroes are very likely. I imagine the distribution of Heroes will ultimately be more even.

Alfheim Realm

Realm Members: Ratatoskr, Kvasir

  • All allies are healed by 2/4/7% when an Alfheim Hero reaches low health.

Asgard Realm

Realm Members: Heimdall

  • All allies gain 10/15/20% mana when an Asgard Hero dies.

Helheim Realm

Realm Members: Tyr, Stonecleave

  • Deals 25/50/100% damage to all enemies when a Helheim Hero dies.

Jotunheim Realm

Realm Members: Nordri

  • All allies get an Ice Giant minion with 6/10/14% HP and 10/12/16% attack inherited from the caster when a Jothunheim Hero dies.

Midgard Realm

Realm Members: Mist, Brynhild, Sif, Bjorn

  • All allies get +5/+10/+15% attack for as long as a Midgard ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Muspelheim Realm

Realm Members: Sumle

  • All enemies receive 22/37/64 Burn damage for as long as a Muspelheim ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled


Realm Members: Ei-Dunn, Fenrir, By-Ulf

  • All enemies have -5/-10/-15% accuracy for as long as a Niflheim ally is at low health. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.

Svartalfheim Realm

Realm Members: Alfrike

  • All enemies receive 22/37/64 Poison damage for as long as a Svartalfheim ally has low health. This effect cannot be dispelled

Vanaheim Realm

Realm Members: Mireweave, Freya, Norns

  • The mana of all enemies is reduced by -5/-10/-15% when a Vanaheim Hero dies.

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25 thoughts on “Season 3 Realms

  1. Looking for info on season 3 province 8.2 boss He attacked and tiles show sword and red icon of some kind. Have no clue what that was about. Did not seem to do anything.
    Do you know or is there somewhere I can find out.


    1. Hi Ron,

      That was his special skill (similar to ratatoskr).

      That makes the damage your blue tiles do much lesser. (Ratatoskr affects green tiles when you attack him. When you have ratatoskr on your attack team, he makes the green tiles stronger)

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