Empires and Puzzles Snow White

Snow White

Empire and puzzles hero snow white

Grimforest Family bonus
Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes:
+5%/10%/15%/20% defense
+3%/6%/10%/15% attack

Stats – Balanced, Above average.
Special: Poison Apple
Mana Speed : Slow (12 Tiles)
Dispels all buffs and status ailments from all allies and enemies.
Deals 180% damage to all enemies, and additional 15% damage per removed status effect, up to 420% damage in total.

Snow White Hero Review:

An interesting special skill.

Snow White’s special can be used as a debuff against enemies and can convert your buffs to extra damage.

Snow White’s special also dispels first before firing this means that Snow White’s special skill will always ONLY deal damage between 180% to 420% regardless of any buffs, or debuffs on herself or on your enemies.

To put into perspective, Quintus deals 270% damage to all enemies, and Magni does 420% to a Single target.

This makes Snow White absolutely devastating against teams that have Aegir as tank. Snow White will dispel both Defense increase & Spirit Link from Wilbur & Aegir‘s special and completely devastate your enemies.

Snow White also rapes heroes like Alberich, Khagan and any other heroes that provide dual buffs/debuffs.

Pretty fun!

The only downside is that her mana speed is slow, which balances Snow White our reasonably well.

Snow White in Offense

Timing of your hero specials is absolutely critical for using Snow White in your offense. You will want to ensure that Snow White is able to deal maximum damage, yet you also do not want to let important buffs expire, (heal over time, mana speed increase)

Snow white can be devastating against teams featuring Aegir tanks, but if you are unable to get the tiles for Snow White, and rely on Snow White for removing buffs from the enemies, you could be in serious trouble.

Snow White needs to be paired with a dispeller like Melendor, along with snipers that have debuff/buff effects (Magni, Alasie, Kingston etc) to help snipe down your targets after softening them up, plus adding damage to Snow white’s Special.

Snow White in Defense

Snow White is easier to play around in defense, being that you are able to bring heroes that don’t add status effects to your team.

That being said, most popular heroes have a secondary effect on their special skills that make them shine (except Lianna & Kageburado).

You can also mitigate the downside by adding heroes that add buffs/debuffs to your team.

A potential composition would feature Snow white as tanks and flanked by Zimthika/ Kingston/ Mitsuko/ Boldtusk

Snow White against Titans

Not recommended. Typically you want to have defense reductions and attack up buffs at all time. Snow White’s special would negate these effects.

Her tile damage is also rather average.

Snow White Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – B
Defence Wing – B
Defence Flank – B
Defence Tank – A
Titan – C
Tournaments Bloody Battle – B
Tournaments Rush Attack – A+
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Overall B

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  1. Amazing site.
    Can’t thank you enough for the amount of information you’ve posted on here.
    As a bit of constructive feedback, though, I’d probably take out words like “rape” from your reviews. It devalues what you’re saying.

    Aside from that, I’m just in awe of what you’ve done here.

  2. What happened to this place? It used to be my go to for fast accurate hero info now its almost impossible to do anything. I realize that adds pay the bill but I believe you guys have gotten carried away. Guess I will have 2 look somewhere else.

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