Empires and Puzzles Zulag

Zulag – Hero of the month October 2020

Attack: 669
Defense: 780
HP: 1431

Class: Paladin
Innate Ability: This Hero has innate resistance against Sand damage.
Element: Dark/Purple

Mana Speed: Average (10 tiles)

Special Skill: Vast Ward

  • The caster and nearby allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies get +46% defense for 4 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies get +74% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns.
  • Element Link summons a Dark Minion for all Dark allies with 5% HP and 5% attack inherited from the caster.

Zulag Hero Review:

Tanky – Weak to dispels. Only tank position.

Sorry, could not find much to say about Zulag.

Zulag in Offensive raids


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Zulag in Defense

Only as tank – but in comparison to the other many heroes out there – much better choices around.

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Zulag against Titans


Guide to Titan Fights

Zulag Hero Grade/Rating

Titan – C
Offence – C
Defence Tank – B
Defence Flank – C
Defence Wing – C
Defense Overall – C
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Tournaments Bloody Attack – B
Overall C

One thought on “Empires and Puzzles Zulag

  1. Ill agree, looks pretty BLAH in design. another TANK ONLY Purple. Well not fair, Kunchen is actually pretty OK wherever you stick him and great as a tank. This is a hero that serves middling purpose. YES, in theory she heals and casts awesome defensive biuffs to help her teammates survive to kill. BUT, she casts only a very soso 4 turn over time heal instead of the slightly less agonizing 3 turn s other HOT healers give. . And then theres that big defense. Which is dispellable, overwritable, and no offense buff to go with it. If an enemy has a defense down hero, of which there are many many…that wipes out the defense up. If an enemy has a buff cleaner, it wipes it out AND takes out the special skill defense as well. AND there are no offensive ups to help kill people before they get the defense taken away by a large number of potential heroes on the 1st or 2nd turn.

    Middling at best. And because her offense is so low…it means she is completely useless for tile help to kill the enemy as well. Titans or heroes.

    This is a hero that will need a buff up almost assuredly. Add in ALL ENEMIES get -32% defense against special skills for 4 turns…then maybe it gels a little interesting. Add in a reflection ability…and Id almost say OK. SHort of that, no point it looks like in using this hero much or at all.

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